Genital warts HPV cured in 4 weeks

I wasnt sure what to do with my genital warts, on my penis. One stuck out the other was more under the skin darker.

I realized I need to spot treat it with a cotton swab and full strenth MMS and DMSO. 

After showers I would do 3 activated drops with no added water in a small bowl. Id then put a few drops of DMSO.

Id also load a glass spray bottle with a similar solution but with some water.


1. Daily dab the full strenth mix on the two spots. It would burn a bit later on. Did this daily. After 4-7 days I noticed the wart sticking out start to shrink but also narrow in width, like it was being "sqeezed". 


2. Daily when i could, spray more MMS + DMSO on the area of the two warts for extra hits. Like after i would pee id use the spray bottle. Its been a month and the warts are gone, maybe a slight bump so its 99% gone.


Id been drinking MMS sometimes but not often, so I dont know how much of it helped, but I know the DMSO really boosted the penetration of the mms into the wart area, no pun. lol


So, dont give up hope. Just stay on it and forget about it!


Posted : 16-03-2018

Mr g brian

Hi, my 7 year old son developed a skin condition called molluscan contagiosum. 

My wife took him to the Dr's  who's diagnosis  was this..and he said as it a virus there isn't nothing they can do , it will clear up on its own within 18 months to 10 year's. 

I got in touch with Jordan who advised me to do the bath protocol  which we did..3 weeks.later totally  cleared up..

The condition is in the pox family  of viruses  and is  lethal once popped  it just spreads. 

Thanks to the g2 church guys 

Love and peace

Gareth uk

100% clear.

Posted : 19-12-2016

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Czech Republic 

http://uzdravenibeztrapeni.blogspot.cz/ Posted : 27-05-2015

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