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Hello my friends,

Just to let you and others know that MMS is a definite game changer for me. My blood pressure has been right on the money.  I am so happy I don't have to take the poison pills any longer.  Furthermore by doing the recommended procedure for hypo thyroid, which is Protocol 1000 plus 50 to 100 mg of iodine daily, my energy level has returned in amazing ways. I feel like 30 years younger!  I recommend the very important book, THE IODINE CRISIS , by author Lynne Farrow. Get educated People! None of my Doctors ever recommended iodine to me, not even so called Natural Doctors. I spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to chase down a cure for my ailments, when all I needed was MMS and Iodine.  Now I know that going to doctors is like a dog chasing it's own tail.
It is a revolving door designed to keep making sales, while having little or nothing to do with health.  Thank you dear folks for your work.  The information you broadcast weekly, is literally an answer to prayer.
I also recommend your  Video Course for all the various ways to apply the sacraments. I am about half way in the course and find the videos very helpful.
Much thanks!

Posted : 05-11-2017

blood pressure an diabetis

My sister an i did the protocol 1000, we both had issues with blood pressure an our sugar numbers were starting to climb. After doing the protocol together we both had amazing results. when we first started we were skeptical an didn't notice anything happening much. after doing the protocol an when we finished a few days later things started to happen an our numbers dropped, we were both thrilled with these results an shocked. we are both doing the maintenance dose every night. we both have been trying for years using supplements changing our diets spending money on these things over the years have really cost us alot of time an money. we had to give this a chance an volla IT WORKED IT IS AMAZING AN WE WANT TO TELL EVERYONE WE KNOW TO TRY THIS. Now my daughter is preparing to do the protocol an hopes to heal her sinuses an intolerance to wheat an gluten. I would like to thank all of you for the good work your doing an bless you all. We are so happy an we feel so good an want others to feel good too. My sister an I are in our 60's an were struggling to stay away from the doctors an their big pharma. I am happy to say neither one of us are on medicine an we feel great. We always buy organic, grassfed, wild caught, non gmo, pasture raised etc. we shop at farms an farmers markets, an we have a garden an organic garden where we grow herbs an fruits an vegtables. We never use plastics, we clean our homes without chemicals, we don't use lotions or perfumes we wash our clothes in homemade soap. we make alot of our own stuff an we use vingar an water to clean our homes. we use baking soda for cleaning. we are both holistic an have been for a long time. we even use good soaps an shampoos an know what to stay away from. with all that we did we could never get well totally until we used MMS an now we are even better. Please keep up the good work we love the news letters the radio broadcast an the forums an all the good info you give out we have the book we have the dmso which is awesome stuff for aches an pains. we even do DE an Benonite Clay, Olive leaf. They work really good now that we did the MMS those things now work better then ever like everything else we have. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BLESS YOU ALL, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. WITH LOVE, FROM ME AN MY SISTER IN NJ PLEASE DO A SEMINAR HERE IN WHITING, NJ WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU HERE.

New Jersey
United States 

Posted : 29-08-2017

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Reverend Harold Mwanga
Machinjiri Posted : 25-02-2016

Liver flush with MMS


I have started Liver Flush on March 2015. When I read a book written and saw a video by Andreas Morits I had no dought That was I needed. I became age 60 and I had gallbladder taken out 5 years ago so. I had a pain and was told galbaldder was not function so I had no question for removable it. I remember that doctor told me my bile common duct seems narrow. That was after several weeks gallbladder was removed and left always questionable comments I remembered.  When I read his books and saw his videos he mentioned MMS.  Somehow I had no dought with taking MMS with liver flush. I had ordered MMS with book from Amazon. I have finished 13liver flushes in 11 months.  WhenI was about 6th liver flush I started to see someking of small worms- dead inside intrahipatic stones that were all people have in liver and wanted to take out from.  I did not know waht those were but later liver flush I found "liver flukes" came out  about 30 all dead. they were less than 1/2 inchs but I was sure MMS killed those.  I went to see a general doctor told I wanted make sure I wanted kill all liver flukes if if I still had in liver asking prescription for warm. He gave me one and went drug store and made suprized me. the medecine was $4,000.00   I laughed said no thanks.  I kept taking MMS after that I have not seen liver flukes any more and seems all gone.  I told about several friends including my wife about MMS. Those people had skin cancer/ cancer patient/ his wife had cancer/ his wife has unknown problem for years  which they liked a traditional drugs rather than conjunction with using MMS.  I told many times that hey look at me I still alive with using MMS and I am better than before. One guy who lost bladder and prostate 2 months ago in chimo which  I told about liver flush and MMS in 6 months ago ignored me.I got his book "The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium reading whenever I needed and glad I took MMS Thank you Jim.

United States 

Posted : 12-02-2016

Rev Wulfric HG Kilburn

In 2014 I became very sick, as i stumbled into the emergency room and passed out, i found myself in ICU for three days, and admitted to hospital for a week. Diabetes had claimed another person. This is in addition to my High Blood pressure, and chronic pain. So i began my 4 injections a day for the rest of my life, and hefty payments monthly in adotion to my blood pressure pills and anti-inflamation pills. Well long story short, In November of 2015 I began Protocol 1000 recommended by a friend who has all the ingredients for all protocols and volunteered to help me,  after 3 weeks of Protocol 1000 I no longer take my Insulin, Metformin, High Blood pressure, or any other meds anymore! While i am not totally healed as of yet, just a little more MMS and I am confident I will be, So much so I have My own bag of essentials go where i go and help others heal themselves. I find the toughest part of the whole process is to convince people to try MMS. The powers that be have had free range for far to long to hide the truth. I was given the go ahead to take the Healing Waters approved by Spirit and it was one of the best decision of my life, and could be yours as well. Blessing to All.


Rev Wulfric HG Kilburn
Nova Scotia

Posted : 31-12-2015

Archbishop Jim Humble

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