Uterine cancer

My cancer was contained in the uterus and did not spread and your product also got rid of all the pain I felt in that spot. 

Posted : 06-02-2015

Ovarian Cancer

I'm very pleased to say that having started my regime of using MMS/MMS2/CDS on October 20th to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer, I am now practically in the clear. My visit to doctor tomorrow will hopefully determine that I can start on the maintenance program. 

Update: Have been taking MMS1 & 2 to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer. It's been wonderful. Recently my blood tests revealed that my tumour markers were now in the normal range so I went onto a maintenance dose.

On Wednesday I went to my GP for results of a CT scan that was taken on Monday. This showed that although the cancer is gone, I do still have a sizable cyst on my right ovary. I would like to deal with this.

I looked on Jim Humble's website & have found the updated Protocol 1000. This also requires using DMSO; as per the following YouTube video:


Posted : 03-02-2015

Bladder Cancer USA, Linden NJ

A friend of mine went to the emergency room because he was urinating blood. After that, doctors found out that he had a bladder cancer. He was sent home. Then doctors wanted to start chemotherapy, but he did not have insurance, so it took time to go back to the doctor. I gave him MMS and he started to take it every hour ending with 10 drops every hour. He took MMs for 2 weeks. Then he stopped because he stared to have a diarea and vomiting and he had enough of it. Duirng that time he was qualified for insurance. He went back  to the doctor to get chemotherapy, but before the chemotherapy doctor went inside his bladder to check  the size of the cancer . They were very supprised when they find out that there was no cancer. My friend can not belive it that the cancer disappeared.

United States 

Posted : 28-12-2014


This is a request to Jim Humble. I have written a novel that includes a long section of a man with cancer who gets introduced and starts to use MMS. I even describe how to prepare it. I am currently shopping the book to agents, and would like to know if it's okay with Jim that I mention MMS as a feasible (and even preferred) alternative to conventional treatment for cancer. If he doesn't want me to use the name MMS, I will either just refer to it as "sodium chlorite" or simply describe how it looks when it is activated with citric acid. I don't know at this point if and when the novel will be published, and if the inclusion of this section might cause controversy (which will only happen if it becomes a bestseller and/or comes to the attention of the medical community, and if some editor won't force me to remove the treatment description) but I would very much like an opportunity to introduce MMS to the general public in this fashion. Please let me know what he decides. I have used MMS myself, once to get rid of Lyme, once to get rid of Candida, and know very well how safe it is if taken as directed. In fact, when I took it for Lyme, for a year, along with MMS 2, Jim was gracious enough to email me personally and help me make it effective, for which I was grateful.

United States 

Posted : 11-10-2014

Prostate Cancer - PSA gone down

"All medication has some form of side effect, as does MMS, but the benefits of MMS are amazing. I was told that I had prostate cancer and that my P.S.A. reading was 16 where the normal reading is between zero and four, after just 6 weeks of MMS my P.S.A. reading had gone down and my doctor was amazed at the improvement.

Other benefits of MMS are Hair and Nail growth, also my little injuries seemed to heal much quicker than normal.

I would recommend you give MMS a try."

Tobias Laube writting for Kenneth. G. Webster from Denia/Spain (25.Jan..2010)

Tobias Laube

http://www.activatedmineralsolution.com Posted : 15-05-2014

Pre-stage Skin Cancer gone !

Diagnose and Treatment from a Dermatologist:

Quiste milium, seborrhoic Eczema, actinic Keratoderma.
Light Keratoderma in Face and back of the hand
Light scaling bump / squamous cell carcinoma (pre-stage skin cancer)

"After ive been in treatment with my longtime family doctor and internist after summer 2007 due to the strong itching Stains-appearances on my left upper-cheek of my face, i have consulted a local Dermatologist who made the diagnosis of Seborrhoic Eczema (actinic Keratoderma). The dermatologist started to treat me with “Diprogenta” which after approximatly four weeks did not show any effect. Furthermore he prescribed a so called “Aldara crema 5% env. Con 12 sobres”. The Effect was slightly helpful as the itching decreased, but the area of the eczema / actinic Keratoderma was getting bigger and in Spring 2008 had a area of a 10 cent Euro Coin with a elevation of about 1.5 millimeters.

The Dermatologist explained that in the case of a unefficient Help through the prescribed Medications, a operation must be carried through unconditionally as it would be about Pre-stage skin cancer.

In summer 2008 i got to know about AMS from Jim Humble. In autumn 2008 I have been studying the application all about this Mineral substance so far, that I started with the following treatment myself on that area of skin. 50 drops Citric Acid with 10% Concentration plus 10 drops Sodium Clorite with 25% concentration, 3 minutes waiting time, swirl slightly, every morning prepared after breakfast without additional dilution and about 5 to 7 times out of the plain bowl, strongly rubbed on with the finger on the area of skin. Daily Repeat, over four to six weeks.
The seborrhoic Eczema got smaller and more plain and has since than untill today October 2011 disapeared!"


Tobias Laube writting for H.J. Laube

Tobias Laube

http://www.activatedmineralsolution.com Posted : 15-05-2014

up Date on Ronnie's Prostate Cancer (5-2014)


I thought maybe some of you readers might be wondering about how
Ronnie is doing with his prostate problem by now.

I will start by laying a little groundwork: As you can read in the first articles "Ronnie's Cancer Ordeal" it has been almost two years since he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. After about two years of moderate pain, urinating often, vomiting, pain and weight loss, etc he finally consented to see a doctor.

The doctor told him he could help him live for five years with treatment. He listed several methods of treatment including radiation, chemo, seeding, etc which Ronnie refused at that time. He wanted more time to see what other options were available. The doctor then explained the only thing he had left to offer was "hormone therapy" to keep the cells from growing. We could take the one month, three month or six month shot, which would not cure cancer but would put it in remission for that period of time. Since we were two months from going back to FL for five months we decided the six month shot would be better and would give us time to decide what else we could be doing.

Much later we found that there is a prescription used by women to help with their sex problems called "Premarin" and it's made from "natural ingredients" which is nothing but mare's pee. That is also what these shots are made of that the doctor gave to Ronnie.
The doctor told Ronnie that he would experience some hot flashes something like women do during menopause, for a few weeks, and that they would gradually fade away. Well, it's been almost two years (20 months) and he still has them every day, and especially during the night.
In spite of all that he is still (age 74) going strong, thank you God, he no longer has prostate pain, constant urination, vomiting, or weight loss. He is back up from 135 lb to 150 lbs. Since we have been back here in IN he has been working hard every day on problem rentals and our own place. The only health problems he has now is working too hard. Along with the hot flashes, he has muscle spasms and leg cramps at night (from working into the night).
Some have asked how or what Ronnie did when he was taking MMS prior to his healing. The answer to that is: First we ordered the book by Jim Humble and we both read it through to see what part we would need to use for our individual problems. There are so many different needs and diseases and different more effective ways to treat each one. That's why it is so important to order the book before you try using MMS.
Once we determined what we needed to do, we got on the internet and ordered a bottle of MMS1, and a bottle of 50% citric acid solution. We also ordered a supply of MMS2 in caps. He started out mixing one drop of each, waited 20 seconds and add water, according to the book's direction. You can also add a little juice or sprite for taste. Every day, every hour, eight times a day, for two months. He increased the equal amount of drops until he settled on eight drops each time. He also took MMS2 between times, 3 times a day. Once he discovered it was working he kept at it very aggressively until he was sure he was healed. It's hard to believe but he was healed for under $100. And that included the cost of the book. Just think how much it would have cost if he had gone the other way, and even then may never got completely well!
Anyone who starts on this regiment needs to make up their mind to be consistent and stick with it till you get results. We, both, take it a couple times a day just for maintenance. We think every one over 50 should take it for the same reason.
We keep spreading the good news to anyone interested in this Master Mineral Solution that heals cancers, and so many other health problems. Almost everyone knows someone who knows someone that would benefit from using MMS. Help us spread the news; you may save a life. We strongly believe that if we knew then what we know now our daughter, Sheila, who died with breast cancer, would still be alive today. She tried every thing she knew, even to going to the cancer center in California. She wound up suffering through radiation and chemo, which did her more harm than good. That is one reason Ronnie said no to all those options offered to him. Thank God he did!
by Rhoda Foust
For more information visit our web page at: foust.info to read the whole story, and much, much more. We have nothing to sell, nor ask for any donations.

Rhoda Foust
United States 

http://foust.info Posted : 10-05-2014

Vagina cancer free

Hi anna, a few years ago, my girlfriend started taking mms. She has various problems. In the meantime,(after being on protocol for a week or two) she had intercourse and it was very painful...that was after a few years of no sex. She had had a hysterectomy about ten years before that. So...she went to the obgyn and had a pap smear. It came back with advanced cancer in her vagina. they had done a biopsy also. the HPV virus! Doctor wanted her to have a vaginectomy!!! never heard of that...they were going to cut out her vagina and sew it up! Of course she didn't want to do that...they scared her plenty...said the cancer was almost through the wall of her vagina and she would die if not done right away. Anyway, she started douching with the mms and also taking her oral drops. after a week or two of that, Plus some teas and other herbal stuff, she asked to have another pap test...dr said no...she still needed the procedure. My friend hiked all over town to find a dr who would do another pap.(since she was in the system, they would say 'you need to do what dr. so-and-so had told her to do') She finally found one to do it, and the test came back with a mild case. She asked her dr. to give her another biopsy...she said no! Finally she agreed to do the biopsy again. well, my friend got a phone call from the receptionist at dr office...saying the biopsy came back and she was cancer free!!! Dr. didn't have the guts to call her herself. I suspect that when she started the mms, the virus was in remission and after the week or two of drops, it started coming out in full force at the time of her pap test. It needed to come out before it went away. So I hope this info helps in your journey to health. Many blessings, Suzanne

Throat Cancer

Edema-Burn-Diabetes-Throat Cancer [Posted : 10-22-2013]

I brought my friend with Diabetes over and treated him every hour for 5 or 6 hours because his blood sugar was close to 500. Treating him brought his blood sugar down to 91 in those short hours. FACT!

I had a bad case of Edema on my legs and thought I had a blood clot. I treated myself with Protocol 1000 and within a few days - my legs were back to normal. No pitting, swelling, etc.

I treated another person with 3rd degree burns on his leg from a dirt bike burn on top of another burn. Within a few days, it was completely scabbed over and healed a month ahead of time.

Treating a guy with throat cancer. His blood count is back up, gained a little weight, and his doctor said whatever he is doing to keep doing it because it is working.

Thanks Jim Humble! You ROCK!!!

UPDATE: The guy with throat cancer contacted me today in the office and he has been completely cured of his throat cancer. I'm so excited for him and the fact that it just makes people better. It is unbelievable what this simple solution has done to so many people that has been treated. If I could give you the world Jim, I certainly would. It makes a person feel very good to do something amazing like this for someone else.

PS. Jim, I'm also emailing you an important topic you may be interested in hearing if you haven't heard it by now. Talk to you soon!

Christie Peterson
United States 

www.ladyqueensryche.com Posted : 19-11-2013


started using MMS this year personally (health maintenance, etc)


Have cured 3 dogs (all terminal), first had lymphoma was hours away from death, 1 drop of MMS revived her ( a miracle), second dog had lung cancer, cured her.... third dog had liver failure.... cured her...

also recommended MMS to a friend with fibromyalgia, he was disabled, no longer... he is now better and healthy


Thank God for MMS






Posted : 17-11-2013
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