Good for arthritis

I have been useing MMS for 2 1/2 years. Stopped arthritis pain in days. I have found I have to take doses very month to 6 weeks to control. Must assume that it is killing pathgens responsible for artritis.

Skin disorders includidng cancer. Days to about 3 weeks.

Ross Williams
United States 

Posted : 16-11-2013


Had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years. Tried allopathic, dietary, massage, Ayurvedic, nutritional, cleanses, homeopathic, magnetics, Chinese, herbal, yoga, exercise, TENS, etc, etc. Saw over two dozen health professionals. Even had 18 mercury fillings removed. Some things helped a little, some things were outlawed by the FDA. Through prayer i was guided to take MMS. I tried 3 drops activated MMS every hour with 3 drops DMSO added after 3 minutes for 2 weeks about 2 months ago. Finally pain is gone, deformities of elbows, fingers and wrists are almost gone and still reducing in size. Only an agent of darkness would keep this cheap, safe, effective solution from the poor suffering people. Beware. Those who serve the devil's plan, are severely punished eternally after the work is done. Kindly allow the people some relief from their bodily and mental sufferings through use of God-given MMS. You and your family will surely need and be helped by MMS in future. Thank you. Good luck and God bless you. 


Marilyn S.
United States 

Posted : 31-10-2013

Arthritist in wrist gone

I have known of MMS for years, but not the protocol for cancer.  I started using the cancer protocol for a 21 year old malignant breast tumor this year without knowing about the protocol for arthritis.   To my amazment, the arthritis in my left wrist and hand has disappeared.  I got on the website and low and behold others had been using it with success for arthritis as well.  One of the points I would like to make here is that I was not influenced in any way by others reports.  The pain of arthritis may not be life threatening, but it certainly takes away from life enjoyment.  Thank you Jim Humble.

Judith E

Judith Ehlert
United States 

Posted : 06-10-2013

9 Month old puppy-lumps

I have a 9 month old Aierdale/shepherd mix.  About a month ago I noticed a lump on his neck, within 24 hours the lump had swelled so large you could see it from across the room.  I took him to the vet where they put him on antibotics-did no help.  we switched to a different antibotic and that did take down the swelling but nothing for the lump.  He had his first surgery to removed  the lump and they had to tke out 3 lymph nodes that were infected.  took him home and within 3 days the neck swelled up again, more antibotics and 2 weeks later another surgery, this time with a drainage tube, that seemed to work.  Drainage tube removed and within 1 week yet another lump back to the vet more antibotics which did not help and within 2 days 3 lumps.  2 that were squishy and 1 very hard.  My friend suggested MMS which she took for her cancer.  I read these testimials annd i felt very encouraged, I started him out with 3 drops and organic chicked broth, he slirped it down happily.  within 3 hours 1 lump was GONE!  I upped the dose the 4 drops every 4 hours.  Started this on a Saturday morning so i would be home to monitor it.  By Sunday afternoon-only 1 lump left and it was the huge/hard lump, now it was size of a small marble and soft.  Monday morning almost completely gone-no swelling at all.  He had no reaction at all to the MMS-will keep him on it until the last lump is completely gone and then see what happens.

K Walker
United States 

Posted : 30-09-2013

Post salmonella pains cured

Dear jim:

my friend judith had post salmonella articulations pain in wrists knees ankles elbous for about 2 months afterhaving salmonella.

At the begining of the sikness i told her to take high doses of vit c (about 5gms morning afternoon and night) and this really worked because she only had one day 101 temperature instead of 10 or 11 days.

by that time i did not know about mms till 2 months later thanks to your wonderfull books wich a brought .

i started giving her protocol 1000 and after 8 days her articular pains demenish about 90 % we are still working with the pain on her foot.

I also gave it to a friend of mine who is a veterinarian because she started with a closed throat and pain on her lungs and in one day she felt90% better she is still going to do protocol1000 for the next two or three days.

Alan mauser

Posted : 14-07-2013

Rhoda Foust

In addition, about Ronnie's prostate problem, I forgot to tell in that testimonial, that he had had arthritis in both his thumbs for several months. When he was cured of his prostate cancer, as I explained in  the previous letter,  he noticed his thumbs no longer hurt as before. So, by using MMS he killed two birds with one stone. I also want to inform any who try my web site they need to go to their search engine to type 

 I tried it from the other testmonial page and it didn't go through, but when I went to my search line it did. Ronnie's out cutting down trees today and he's not complained with his thumbs at all. Go down to the next testimonial to read my first testimonial about his three month cure of prostate cancer. He says it's a wonderful feeling not to have aching thumbs, too.

Rhoda Foust


Rhoda Foust
United States Posted : 26-06-2013

Experience Report

In the summer 2012, I visited my family in Germany. My mom had a caretaker from Poland (61-old woman) who had arthritis in her hands; the index and middle finger on her right hand were stiff. I offered her my traveling pack of MMS and she took 4 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution mixed with only one (!) drop of 50% citric acid - this is the proper stoichiometric ratio, which I calculated. After only 5 days, the swelling in her finger joints was gone, pain was gone and she could move the two fingers that were previously stiff! I was really surprised. Another lady (72-old, German), a friend of my mom, had rheumatoid arthritis and she also took 4 drops of the sodium chlorite solution, activated with one drop of the 50% citric acid, and after only 2 days, she was pain free - unbelievable! And they are still fine. Once in a while, I have some pain in my hands and I take the same amount as above and the pain quickly disappears. I use MMS to keep my gum healthy and informed my dentist about it. He found the CLOO-SYS toothpaste and oral rinse and uses these in his practice. I wonder if bacteria in the mouth are the cause of arthritis? When I use more than 5 drops I get diarrhea, so I stay with a maximum of 4 drops. Look also into boron - there seems to be a connection between boron deficiency and arthritis.

United States 

Posted : 01-06-2013

Reactive arthritis pain gone (!) but not cured. Parasite?

Years ago, I was diagnosed with Reactive arthrits, also known as Reiters syndrome. I was given Voltaren which took the pain away for a week or two or so and then made it worse. I was then put on Naproxen but that didnt help any at all.I learned of MMS at an early stage, at the time when 15 drops per day was the recommended dose. All though it made my situation a little bit better the 3 x 15 drops a day did not completely rid me of the pain in my heels, knees and elbow.

I gave up on MMS until I heard of the new Protocol 1000 which instead of taking 3 x 15 drops a day was 8 x 3 drops a day. I followed protocol 1000 religiously, with NO change in diet, and in fact drinking BEER once in a while.

I would start taking the protocol 1000 at around 9am in the mornings and keep going every hour for 8 hours a day. After the protocol 1000 before the day was over, I would have dinner, I would drink coca cola, sometimes beer, eat chocolates and basically anything I wanted.

3-4 weeks later, the pain was gone completely for the first time in years. I could walk without feeling pain AT ALL. NONE!


There was still some pain in my knees when trying to stretch them out. Around that time is when new information came out about CDS, which is Chlorine dioxide gas blown over to a bottle of water. I used CDS as protocol 1000 or probably in even heavier doses than that recommended, for only a few days, and then the pain in the knees also went away.

Now for the first time in years I was completely pain free. I could walk, I could jog, I could run all though running would have painful after effects because it had been so long since I last went for a run. Probably 5 or more years. That is not a problem now.

But as the topic says.. It didnt cure me.

In other words, as long as I drink CDS, I am 100% pain free. I can walk up mountains and back down with no problems, I can go for runs, I do whatever I want, but if I dont drink CDS for two or more days, I can start feeling a little bit of pain in one of my heels. No big deal, but its there.

I am told that the reason for this is that the main cause of my arthritis is actually a Parasite. A worm. That parasite is causing the problem. So even though CDS cleans up after the Parasite, if left alone, the problems caused by the parasite leading to pain, will come back.

Therefor, I will give Albenazole (anti-worm) medication a try and see how that goes. It is hard to get and heavily regulated, but Im sure it wont take too long until I have it.


I have not experienced any bad side effects from using CDS almost every day for the past 6 months and I rarely if ever get sick anymore, but if I get influenza or anything like that, I have not had it for more than a day or two since I starting the MMS. That goes back to when 15 x 3 was the recommended dose. Years ago!

But that being said, I mean come on. Really. Since CDS is easy to make and works wonders to get the pain away, I recommend it with all my heart. Doctors will give you Voltaren or Naproxen or even chemo for this condition. I never did chemo and never will, but Voltaren and Naproxen did absolutely nothing for me. CDS made me and still do make me 100% pain free. It tastes good and it is cheap and easy to make. Go for it. I will come back with an update to see if this anti-parasite medication does the trick to fix the problem completely.

I now make CDS with this protocol:


Thank you to everyone trying to make this world a better place for us all.


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Various typos and sentences edited as requested by the writer.


Posted : 21-08-2012

Joint pain in fingers and in right big toe

Since 2005 I suffered from joint pain in my fingers and sometimes even in the joints closer to hand with swollen nuckles. Never went to doctor but this was still somewhat painfull at times(I worked as chef using my hands and fingers a lot.

Then in the end of 2010 I saw an interview with jim humble and researched the MMS topic further. Ended up buying a bottle from the webb and started to use mms, first one drop and then I went up as high in drops per hour I could. At 10 drops I got severe diarreha and had to stop for a while and then maintained a dosis under 10 drops. After a few weeks fingers felt better and a month later my fingers got totally well, no pain no swollen joints. Today, almost a year later, and although not been regular at all my fingers are totally healed :)

Thank you, Jim Humble

Posted : 29-06-2012

Archbishop Jim Humble

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