Piles, External Hemaroid.Gaut, Sciatica & back pain.

MMS YO......

.First of all. Thank you sooo much Jim Humble. God Bless you. I suffered from Piles. External Hemaroids or whatever they wanna call it. I was in excruciating pain for two whole weeks with all sorts of pain killers. Finally it burst and I awoke at 2am in the morning with blood, puss and diarrhoea down my pants and bed. I was so happy. The pain was over after someone close to me prayed over it and said the pain would be gone. When I awoke. Thank God. But then the puss and blood continued pouring out. I thought it would be a matter of weeks. But it lasted for 8 years. I lost two jobs coz I had to visit the toilet many times in a day to wipe my backside. Sleeping each night listening to listen to your heart by Roxette and in pain. But now it's a song I sing along and groove to. The part tell him goodbye is my way of saying goodbye to all sicknesses. Forever. It should be the theme song for MMS actually hahaha.  I hid this from everyone. Even my partner. Mum. Everyone. Till a friend mentioned MMS he was using to treat his scoriasis. That's when I ordered it. But I wanted a quick fix. So went straight to a ten drop mix in a glass of water. I had diarrhoea almost immediately. And was sick for the next few days. With diarrhoea. I did the bath and inhalation at 4 drops and doubled all the doses. Big mistake. I was sick for a whole month. I thought I would never become better. Yet I slowed down yet it was still too much. Honestly. After all the sinus and diarrhoea and flu symptoms left. I felt super human.my sense of smell was unbelievable. . My bleeding and discharge of pass just outside the anal had also seized. What I hid for so long I tell proudly today so people know I'm fair dinkum and am speaking from personal experience and MMS is truelly the only real medicine. Bleeding gums and tooth aches , gaut and back pain is also all a thing of the past. I have also given it to my mother in law that has suffered from sciatica for many years with all sorts of drugs from doctors but no help. I gave her a three drop dose and the next morning the pain was gone. She was singing and happy. Asked me for a stronger dose . Which by this time I had read your books and advice and told her to stick to three drops hourly which I mix happily for her. Her constipation is also a thing of the past. I tell as many people as I can on a daily basis. My family and workmates are all onto it. And to be absolutely honest. I haven't had the flu or cold or any sickness since I started on MMS. I take 6 drops before bed every Wednesday and Sunday nights. And also protocol 1000 twice a week . Three times a year. It works perfectly for me. Hair regrowth. But one problem. I need to quit smoking. Is there a protocol for such? Lol. When people say I never get sick. Or I look young for 40 or I'm always happy. My reply is always the same. MMS YO. when they question what? MMS? What? I share......


Posted : 20-01-2018


Hi, The first occurrence required a visit to my Doctor, who lanced the boil and removed 25mls of puss. A full round of antibiotics and it disappeared- for a while.( 4 months) When it reappeared, I also had the lymph gland in my leg swell up. I decided to try MMS as I had not really had occasion in the past to evaluate it. 4 days of 3 drops per hr (loads of diahrea) and it disappeared. I have maintained a 4 drops per day since then. The only time it has returned is when I have stopped my maintance dose. I then do the 4 drops per hour until is disappears. I would like to connect with anyone in Auckland, New Zealand who is looking to share and grow the MMS awareness. Cheers Piet

Pieter Battaerd
New Zealand 

www.loweremissions.co.nz Posted : 19-11-2012

Anal Fistula

Dear Jim

My name is Vincent and I'm writing from Campania in south Italy to say you saved my brother.  
This year in May my brother suffered from Anal Fistula for the fourth time.
He has been suffering from Anal fistula since 2001.
The first time it occurred was in September 2001 and he was forced to stay in bed for about 40 days. In that period he went to hospital twice for four days to be treated.
The second time occurred in 2004  and again he was forced to stay in bed for about 30 days, during that period he went to hospital twice for four days to be treated.
The third time it occurred was in 2008, this time he was force to bed just for one week, he went to hospital and the doctors said there was nothing wrong.
The fourth time was this year in May and he was really sick, he couldn't walk, his legs hurt, his feet hurt and he was really worried, he said he never felt so bad in his whole life.  
As soon as he told me about it I went straight to him and I started treating him with the protocol 1000, that is  3 activated drops of MMS every hour and I prepared a spray bottle with 40 activated drops of MMS to spray on the affected area continuously every time it dried up.
After taking MMS for 1 day his legs and feet started feeling better and he could stand up straight and walk around slowly.
Day 3 he didn't feel any pain at all and we were all happy about it.
Day 4 he went shopping with his wife. He was really ok.
Day 5 he went back to work, he said he felt stronger than ever, full of energy.
Just like me he is now taking 6 drops of activated drops of MMS every day for maintenance  
He told me that now he was doing things he couldn't do before because his back was hurting as he was moving or lifting objects around.  Now he is a healthy person.
God bless you Jim and all who are with you.

Archbishop Jim Humble

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