Melanoma and Dog's eye infection

      just wanted to take a moment to let you know how successful it was on a skin/face melanoma.  I noticed a brown spot growing on my forehead and watched as it started to grow.  I was scared to go to the Dr. as I didn't have any insurance, so I decided to take things into my own hands.
The brown spot had grown to 1/2 the size of a dime when I started to apply the MMS w/DMSO.  I applied it 3 times a day for 3 days and I also drank the mixture 3 times a day.   It was gone by the end of the 4 day.  It had been growing for approx. 3 months and had accelerated it\'s growth in the last 30 days.  That was why I ordered the MMS mixture, because it had started to spread and fast.  Anyways, I'm happy to say it's completely gone.
Another quick story, My sister was visiting from out of town and watched this whole process.  She was so impressed that She took some MMS home with her.  Turned out she needed it immediately.   When she arrived her dog had been bitten in the eye area by another animal and had a horrific eye infection (pus, swollen shut, open wound, etc).  She said it looked so bad that she thought he'd surely lose the eye.  She mixed the MMS up and applied it directly on the wound as well as made him drink it.  Two days later, the swelling was gone and the eye was on it\'s way to healing.  AMAZING!
I send a sincere thank you, Evelia A Sanchez

65 Healings from MMS!!!

65 Healings from MMS!!!

(Malaria, HIV, High Blood Pressure, Bed ridden invalids, Colds and Flus, Impotence, etc.)


Here is a list of people I have already healed, if you require telephone numbers and contacts let me know please.....

1, 2, 3). Baba Bakari- an elderly man who was our house help in Dar es Salaam as I was growing up as a young boy was bed ridden due to his legs failing him, suffered from high blood pressure too and he started small doses of MMS and complained that the MMS really made his legs burn in pain and did not want to use it any more, but into the third day this pain disappeared and he could start getting up and walked with out any help and has progressed and is begging me for more MMS to cure his nephew of HIV, in his family several others were also completely treated of Malaria and other diseases, my story can be verified by calling the family who only speak Kiswahili unfortunately on tel no +255683716762

4, 5). Richard Mandara- a family friend we know through the Bahais in Dar es Salaam who has a chemists background. He started using MMS on himself for starters just to cure a common cold that was bothering him and remarked that it was like taking his body for a service in comparison to taking your car for a service and getting old oil and filters replaced. He has helped and cured several people the most amusing story from him was about his elderly mother who lived a few kilometers from his home. His mother was bed ridden as her legs had failed her and had not left her house for years. One day Richard comes out of his house and walks onto the street just a few days after having started his mother on MMS and sees her walking energetically without any help down the street towards him. He asks her what is going on and she replies she felt like going for a walk today and has come to pay him a visit- +2552278271230 is Richards tel no contact to verify my story and many more directly from him, he came for many more bottles from me and is more than likely sourcing his own supply this days, Richard also pointed out that the Masai use a natural volcanic salt in a goat soup once a year in one of their festivals around Lake Natron which they call KLORITI (CHLORITE and KLORITI - is this a coincidence) in their Masai language, more of that to follow in another amusing tale I shall be posting soon.....

6). Raymond Kiango- My brother, gave him and his wife a bottle of MMS and he reported many improvements in both of their health, can be contacted on +255754341681

7). My brother Aquilin Kiango is another person familiar with MMS been using it for the last 2 to 3 years, please do feel free to contact him for further verification and get any testimonial direct from him on +255773807991, +255754583979  

8, 9, 10, 11). On Zanzibar Island, 3 of my watchman can be contacted who all had different ailments including their family members got relief from using MMS, as pointed out not everyone shares directly what disease they suffer from but all reported from getting great relief from the first nights sleep they had after using MMS, some had back pains which were gone immediately others their family jewels were not performing well but all were cure: Mwinchande +255762337139,
Bushiri +255765491872, Saleh + 255772749877 , they all speak Kiswahili though and all beg me for more MMS.

12). A friend of mine called Naseem Bokhari +255 (0) 713 412000 had a friend on antiviral drugs due to having tested HIV +.

The friend decided to try MMS and did the 15 drop cure 2 years ago and within 6 weeks went back to the clinic to test and the result came back negative. The clinic where she was attending wanted to know what she was using that as cured her as all others on antiviral drugs had remained positive, she was to scared to tell them that she had used MMS, the clinic asked her to come back in 3 months to retest, I am currently trying to locate Naseem and her friend to get an update and will post further regarding this case.

Naseem has bought further bottles of MMS to help further friends since this first friend of hers indicating that MMS is working.

Currently I know of 2 further people on MMS fighting their HIV + results, both in their 2nd weeks of treatment and I will be updating this forum with info.

Naseem is out of the country currently but can be contacted on the above tel number for further verification and I shall certainly be bringing a great testimonial regarding HIV shortly right here as I said I am close to 2 different patients using MMS currently to cure themselves of HIV and I am a true believer that MMS works and does heal HIV.

Can happily report that Naseem is back in the country and has confirmed her friend is still negative and as fit as a fiddle after being cured of her HIV and has even put on a lot of weight.

13, 14, 15). I live in Tanzania and have come across several people with malaria who have been cured within 3 to 4 hours of their malaria by using MMS. The first person was a young girl of 23 years old called Rukia Seif who after testing positive for malaria decided not to take hospital drugs but to use MMS.

She took 15 drops in the evening went to sleep woke up 4 hours later due to neighbors firework display at midnight the same night and she felt completely free from malaria and has never looked back since just after this one dose without even repeating it, you can verify this by checking out here profile on Facebook and asking her

Rukias friend and mother where also treated forhealed of malaria.

16). Second testimonial regarding Malaria can be verified by contacting my mate Nishal Van Loon again on FB

He was a guest in my house and came down with malaria and we decided to do it scientifically this time by going to a hospital in Kinondoni area of Dar es Salaam and checking in their lab for malaria, surely the lab result came out as positive for malaria, we returned home, prepared a dose of 15 drops MMS, he drunk this, went to bed for 3 hours, the full time he sweated alot like he has never done so in his whole life, after 3 to 4 hours he repeated a second dose of 15 drops MMS and we drove back to the same hospital and lab where again he underwent a malaria test this time the result came out negative.

We produced the lab result to the la technician from 4 hours previous showing he was positive with malaria how is it possible to be negative and we had checked this at the same lab, we asked the lab technician to double check that he was really negative and e said yes the result is negative, we simply left te clinic hit the Mango Village Garden in Kinondoni for a big bowl of goat soup and Nishal came back who and wrote a testimonial to be sent to Jim Humble which I never got around to doing, but this is the truth and Nishal can be contacted through his FB profile for further verification.

17). Thirdly my own son Nabil has also contacted malaria in the past and used MMS, was cured immediately as the 2 persons above and anyone do ubting my narratives about is free to contact me for further verification.

18). I was personally diagnosed to be HIV + on the 19th of February 2011, I did on the same day a CD4 test which read 200, refused all hospital drugs against HIV and told the doctor I want to try my own method as I trust MMS 100% and started on Protocol 1000 the following day, as the symptoms broke out I took 6 drops as I had no idea I was HIV + as a do an AIDS test almost every 3 months and did not suspect anything of the sort, on the day of being diagnozed I took 15 drops as I knew I could handle these and I had not caught up in new protocols, had an opportunistic disease of fresh scabs from the top of my head running down my neck and onto my right shoulder, had neck pains and awful ear ache that came and went, took some panadols as pain killers and the doctors also gave me anti biotics to take for 2 weeks to control the opportunistic disease which I did use. After 10 days of being on protocol 100 I had a very bad diarrhea, the following day I was sick over the toilet and greenish and yellowish mucus of sorts were ejected.

On day 14 I repeated a CD4 test which read 275, which was a good indication to me that I was healing, had given up going up and concentrated on diet and exercise mainly running my guts out on the beach to help clear out my lungs and to stop smoking, I was a 40 cigarettes a day smoker, started enjoying a more easy lifestyle, I did go and show my doctor the new CD4 results and asked him how is it possible that my CD4 count had gone up yet I was not on any of the anti viral drugs. Soon after this my body was feeling weak and I lost the motivation of going running, after three weeks I still felt weak and carried on the protocol 1000, on day 25 since been diagnosed I woke up and decided to start the protocol 1000 later on in the day to give my body time to recover from all the detoxing, I walked to town and felt very fit inside and outside, I knew I was cured, this feeling goes on to today, my appetite is back and I am eating bigger portions of meals which I have not done for months, I am still carrying on with protocol 1000, today is day 30 since being diagnosed HIV +, but I am feeling great and even had a long night out with the boys last Saturday, I am as strong and feeling completely healed and happy. I had intended to carry on for 6 weeks the protocol 1000, just top make sure that the virus has gone as my experience from treating others it took the 6 weeks to completely detox, but I believe and know I am already cured and pa to go and get another CD4 test this coming Sunday to prove to the doctors that MMS works, after that I will see how I can arrange a test to confirm fully I am negative, as my past patients with HIV+ have all proved negative.

I have kept and photocopied all medical records in the hope that I will post them on the forum as proof, have not decided yet if I will have the courage to do so, but I probably will just top show the word that HIV is just like any other disease and one does not have to go underground and hide the truth by denying ones condition.
19). Sophie Abdullah   HIV

20). Anita Inshegoma  HIV, used also herbal traditional medicine as a supplement.

21). Clara  did not disclose what condition but heard from close friends it was HIV

22). John who is Claras boyfriend also cured of same ailments as Clara above.

23). Happiness Patrick younger sister with HIV in Oregon USA, treated her over the internet, sent here MMS instructions.

24). Happiness Patricks 2nd younger sister in Tanzania healed her of Asthma. 0754261704

25, 26). Sia a friend brought me her relatives one with repeating Malaria the other with stomach complaints, both healed

27). Masharubu Taxi Driver at Kisutu Round about in Dar HIV

28). Ambros Taxi Driver Courtyard Hotel Undisclosed condition

29). Saidi Taxi Driver Courtyard Hotel Undisclosed condition.

30, 31, 32). Mohd\'s daughter with asthma, Mohd and his wife did not disclose their conditions

33, 34). Ali Salehe Makwimbi (undisclosed condition) 0784150350, 0714882004, 0714 882004, and his wife Mrs. Makwimbi 075383905 had walking problems, something to do with her knees after a car accident of sorts quite a while back

35, 36, 37). Jennifer Gower (undisclosed general detox), and her daughter who had fever before an exam gave her 6 drops and she repeated 6 drops before taking exams, said she was on a natural high throughout the exams. A cousin of Jen also treated who was HIV/AIDS.

37, 38, 39). Zaynab Mafia Street, 0686171310 Mother with high blood pressure, younger sister diabetic, herself a head case so she claimed.

40, 41). Tess, student with common cold and flu, mother with back pains.

42, 43). Clark Arrington, 0789782260, general detox and his 13 year old adopted daughter HIV from birth.

44, 45, 46). Tea Room, Internet Cafe, Kisutu, undisclosed general detox, Msafiri and mates

47, 48, 49, 50). Ernest and Ally Kea, and their wives, Botanic, Tunguu, Zanzibar general detox, skin diseases and mental illness 0652333604

51). Anna- Animals on Zanzibar, has a donkey and dog sanctuary introduced her to MMS and we treating all kinds of animals.

52, 53, 54). Richard Kilonzo, World Tours and Safaris, Arusha, healed his mother with asthma, his relative with HIV and a blood transfusion gone wrong, himself of undisclosed conditions and I have taught him so that he is also treating further Masai\'s and others in critical conditions and otherwise.

55, 56, 57, 58). Mariam Mrema, malaria, her grand mother cannot walk, healed her knees, a relative with diabetes and another relative paralyzed from the waist down.

59, 60). Margrate Kiango and family, leg and skin diseases, unknow conditions.

61, 62). Aunt Heides kids in Morogoro, skin and boil conditions, one had a black patch on her face check and on her back, after using MMS it opened up on her face and a kind of dried cotton looking black dried substance was released and her back boil secreted worms of some type.

63, 64). Hussein, a chemist near the general hospital in Dar es Salaam, his wife had HIV, lots of skin scabs.....

65). Mama Bakari, malaria.

Will send you more as I carry on healing.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and I thank you all in advance,

Love and Peace,


Daud John Kiango (David)
Hotlines: +255 (0) 777 844417, +255 (0) 789 780 404

Daud ( David)
Tanzania, United Republic of Posted : 29-06-2012

Abscess KO'ed in a matter of hours

Thank God I've been blessed with good health in general, but I've had a occasion to use this solution to deal with a few different issues to include abscess tooth, food poisoning, various stomach issues... fortunately I've had no serious issues thus far to address....

United States Posted : 29-06-2012

Took protocol 1000 and completely cured pain and toxicity that caused intense anxiety was able to get off all meds easily

Interstitial Cystiis/Chronic Pain cured

Dear Mr. Humble.
I met Janet through a wonderful Lymph Node Drainage Massage Therepsit who also has really helped me heal.  Rosalie took me in to see Janet and within the first hour or two I started to relax and feel good again.  I had no idea how toxic I was and I actually thought I was doing pretty well after getting my thyroid medicine.  I wasn't within 2 hours I could feel the toxicity from years and years of meds and experimental treatmetns start to leave me.  I feel so good and my pain is totally gone.  I had some stining during the flush of toxins out of my bladder, but it was nothing compared to the pain I suffered for 20 years.  I look great and my skin recovered.  I look like myself againa nd you saved my life.  Thank you sooo much now I think I can finally fulfill my dream of having a healthy baby.  I could never repay you and Janet thank you sooo much (A.J)  I look forward to meeting you someday soon.  I want to take some biochem classes and I find this cure incredibly appropriate for a water scientist like myself.  Sincerely and with love AJ

Allison Maupin
Reno, NV
United States Posted : 29-06-2012

Cured from Leision in Colon and Tumor

My father was diagnosed with the following mentioned above 10 weeks ago, he was not having any bowel movements, he did not have any appetite and he lost 43 pounds in 3 weeks, when he walked from the bed to the kitchen and back he was extremely exhausted and all limbs were week.

I ordered the MMS for him and begun Claras 6 by 6 and increased it by one drop every day after one week, after 3 weeks he was back outside working with the workmen helping to build our health detox spa.

He continues to use it as much as 5 times a week and he is very well indeed, thanks to MMS.


May the Rest of Your Life, be the Best of Your Life,

Richard Homer
Trinidad and Tobago Posted : 29-06-2012

1,5 year old baby in france : with MMS, never needs a doctor yet

Dear Jim,

I consider you to be one of the current incarnated high spiritual humans having a life on earth.
I am hereby testifying that, so far, my 18 month son has been given one drop of CDS+5 drops of citric acid with sugar added to treat any coughing, fever, or unusual attitude indicating a health issue.
I have never needed to give him more than 2 drops total (1 drop every couple of hours or every hour); so far symptoms get away after 10/15 minutes or an hour or 2 hours. Therefore, thanks to MMS, I have never had to buy a single medicine for him or visit a doctor to solve a health issue.
It is the same for me and my wife, so far.
So, you're my best family doctor  in a sense !


Bastien Gallienne


Bastien Gallienne

Posted : 16-06-2015

amazing healing

I've been taking MMS for 2 years and could not ingest enough to win.  Then added wrapping a towel over my body and found improvement.  About 4 months ago began squirting 2 squirts in a tub and soaking in the bath and finally started winning.  Increasing the quantity made breathing difficult.  So 2 regular squirts and soak as often as possible and I've improved remarkably to near cleared.  Absurd and astonishing these MMS soaks have me nearly well.  Thank you Jim.

Dave Cunningham
United States Posted : 29-06-2012
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