MMS Testimonial

I just want you to know that my partner's Lyme disease rheumatoid arthritis hands are getting back to normal -- after just 5 days on the MMS drops.

The pain is gone. The swelling is down and he can make a fist for the first time in years! more info can be found here:

Our friends and family members are also having good results.

Taylore Vance
Reiki Master

Posted : 01-07-2012


I'd like to share my experience with mms.

I came across mms on the web in 2008 and decided to give it a try. I bought one bottle and follow the instructions. I TOOK IT FOR A sinuses and asthma i had for 10 years. I started one drop then worked up to 10 drops 3 times aday in 4 days.

Alas these two problems cleared since plus the constipation i had since i was 11 yrs old but am now 44 yrs old. I gave 4 doses of 6 drops to my father and he told he bowel movement is normal after 15 yrs.
Annie Rob

Posted : 01-07-2012

Various Testimonies

Various testimonials from Tanzania


*MMS list of people I have already healed, introduced and helped find
MMS Health Sacrements

*Here is a list of people I have already helped healed, testimonials can
be checked and if you require telephone numbers and contacts let me know

1, 2, 3, 4). Baba Bakari- an elderly man who was our house help in Dar
es Salaam as I was growing up as a young boy was bed ridden due to his
legs failing him, suffered from high blood pressure too and he started
small doses of MMS and complained that the MMS really made his legs burn
in pain and did not want to use it any more, but into the third day this
pain disappeared and he could start getting up and walked with out any
help and has progressed and is begging me for more MMS to cure his
nephew of HIV, in his family several others were also completely treated
of Malaria and other diseases, my story can be verified by calling the
family who only speak Kiswahili unfortunately on tel no +255683716762

5, 6). Richard Mandara- a family friend we know through the Bahais in
Dar es Salaam who has a chemists background. He started using MMS on
himself for starters just to cure a common cold that was bothering him
and remarked that it was like taking his body for a service in
comparison to taking your car for a service and getting old oil and
filters replaced. He has helped and cured several people the most
amusing story from him was about his elderly mother who lived a few
kilometers from his home. His mother was bed ridden as her legs had
failed her and had not left her house for years. One day Richard comes
out of his house and walks onto the street just a few days after having
started his mother on MMS and sees her walking energetically without any
help down the street towards him. He asks her what is going on and she
replies she felt like going for a walk today and has come to pay him a
visit- +2552278271230 is Richards tel no contact to verify my story and
many more directly from him, he came for many more bottles from me and
is more than likely sourcing his own supply this days, Richard also
pointed out that the Masai use a natural volcanic salt in a goat soup
once a year in one of their festivals around Lake Natron which they call
KLORITI (CHLORITE and KLORITI - is this a coincidence- the Kloriti is
actually Sodium Carbonate) in their Masai language, more of that to
follow in another amusing tale I shall be posting soon.....

6, 7). Raymond Kiango- My brother, gave him and his wife a bottle of MMS
and he reported many improvements in both of their health, can be
contacted on +255754341681 , is training and using
MMS regularly healing others from fungus on legs, HIV and other conditions.

8). My brother Aquilin Kiango is another person familiar with MMS been
using it for the last 2 to 3 years, please do feel free to contact him
for further verification and get any testimonial direct from him on
+255773807991 , +255754583979

9, 10, 11, 12). On Zanzibar Island, 3 of my watchman can be contacted
who all had different ailments including their family members got relief
from using MMS, as pointed out not everyone shares directly what disease
they suffer from but all reported from getting great relief from the
first nights sleep they had after using MMS, some had back pains which
were gone immediately others their family jewels were not performing
well but all were cure: Mwinchande +255762337139 ,
Bushiri +255765491872 , Saleh + 255772749877
, they all speak Kiswahili though and all beg
me for more MMS.

12, 13). A friend of mine called *Naseem Bokhari **+255 (0) 713 412000*
20412000> detoxed liver problems and had a
friend on antiviral drugs due to having tested HIV +.

The friend decided to try MMS and did the 15 drop cure 2 years ago and
within 6 weeks went back to the clinic to test and the result came back
negative. The clinic where she was attending wanted to know what she was
using that as cured her as all others on antiviral drugs had remained
positive, she was to scared to tell them that she had used MMS, the
clinic asked her to come back in 3 months to retest, I am currently
trying to locate Naseem and her friend to get an update and will post
further regarding this case.

Naseem has bought further bottles of MMS to help further friends since
this first friend of hers indicating that MMS is working.

Naseem is out of the country currently but can be contacted on the above
tel number for further verification and I shall certainly be bringing a
great testimonial regarding HIV shortly right here as I said I am close
to 2 different patients using MMS currently to cure themselves of HIV
and I am a true believer that MMS works and does heal HIV.

Can happily report that Naseem is back in the country and has confirmed
her friend is still negative and as fit as a fiddle after being cured of
her HIV and has even put on a lot of weight.

14, 15, 16). I live in *Tanzania* and have come across several people
with malaria who have been cured within 3 to 4 hours of their malaria by
using MMS. The first person was a young girl of 23 years old called
*Rukia Seif* who after testing positive for malaria decided not to take
hospital drugs but to use MMS.

She took 15 drops in the evening went to sleep woke up 4 hours later due
to neighbors firework display at midnight the same night and she felt
completely free from malaria and has never looked back since just after
this one dose without even repeating it, you can verify this by checking
out here profile on Facebook and asking her directly:

Rukias friend and mother where also treated and healed of malaria.

17). Second testimonial regarding Malaria can be verified by contacting
my mate *Nishal Van Loon* again on FB


He was a guest in my house and came down with malaria and we decided to
do it scientifically this time by going to a hospital in Kinondoni area
of Dar es Salaam and checking in their lab for malaria, surely the lab
result came out as positive for malaria, we returned home, prepared a
dose of 15 drops MMS, he drunk this, went to bed for 3 hours, the full
time he sweated alot like he has never done so in his whole life, after
3 to 4 hours he repeated a second dose of 15 drops MMS and we drove back
to the same hospital and lab where again he underwent a malaria test
this time the result came out negative.

We produced the lab result to the la technician from 4 hours previous
showing he was positive with malaria how is it possible to be negative
and we had checked this at the same lab, we asked the lab technician to
double check that he was really negative and e said yes the result is
negative, we simply left te clinic hit the Mango Village Garden in
Kinondoni for a big bowl of goat soup and Nishal came back who and wrote
a testimonial to be sent to Jim Humble which I never got around to
doing, but this is the truth and Nishal can be contacted through his FB
profile for further verification.

18). Thirdly my own son Nabil has also contacted malaria in the past and
used MMS, was cured immediately as the 2 persons above and anyone do
ubting my narratives about is free to contact me for further verification.

19). I was personally diagnosed to be HIV + on the 19th of February
2011, I did on the same day a CD4 test which read 200, refused all
hospital drugs against HIV and told the doctor I want to try my own
method as I trust MMS 100% and started on Protocol 1000 the following
day, as the symptoms broke out I took 6 drops as I had no idea I was HIV
+ as I do an AIDS test almost every 3 months and did not suspect
anything of the sort, on the day of being diagnosed I took 15 drops as I
knew I could handle these and I had not caught up in new protocols, had
an opportunistic disease of fresh scabs from the top of my head running
down my neck and onto my right shoulder, had neck pains and awful ear
ache that came and went, took some panadols as pain killers and the
doctors also gave me anti biotics to take for 2 weeks to control the
opportunistic disease which I did use. After 10 days of being on
protocol 1000 I had a very bad diarrhea, the following day I was sick
over the toilet and greenish and yellowish mucus of sorts were ejected.

On day 14 I repeated a CD4 test which read 275, which was a good
indication to me that I was healing, had given up going up and
concentrated on diet and exercise mainly running my guts out on the
beach to help clear out my lungs and to stop smoking, I was a 40
cigarettes a day smoker, started enjoying a more easy lifestyle, I did
go and show my doctor the new CD4 results and asked him how is it
possible that my CD4 count had gone up yet I was not on any of the anti
viral drugs. Soon after this my body was feeling weak and I lost the
motivation of going running, after three weeks I still felt weak and
carried on the protocol 1000, on day 25 since been diagnosed I woke up
and decided to start the protocol 1000 later on in the day to give my
body time to recover from all the detoxing, I walked to town and felt
very fit inside and outside, I knew I was cured, this feeling goes on to
today, my appetite is back and I am eating bigger portions of meals
which I have not done for months, I am still carrying on with protocol
1000, today is day 30 since being diagnosed HIV +, but I am feeling
great and even had a long night out with the boys last Saturday, I am as
strong and feeling completely healed and happy. I had intended to carry
on for 6 weeks the protocol 1000, just top make sure that the virus has
gone as my experience from treating others it took the 6 weeks to
completely detox, but I believe and know I am already cured and pa to go
and get another CD4 test this coming Sunday to prove to the doctors that
MMS works, after that I will see how I can arrange a test to confirm
fully I am negative, as my past patients with HIV+ have all proved negative.

I have kept and photocopied all medical records in the hope that I will
post them on the forum as proof, have not decided yet if I will have the
courage to do so, but I probably will just top show the word that HIV is
just like any other disease and one does not have to go underground and
hide the truth by denying ones condition.

20). Sophie A   HIV

21). Anita I  HIV, used also herbal traditional medicine as a supplement.

22). Clara  did not disclose what condition but heard from close friends
it was HIV

23). John who is Claras boyfriend also cured of same ailments as Clara

24). Happiness Patrick younger sister with HIV in Oregon USA, treated
her over the internet, sent here MMS instructions.

25). Happiness Patricks 2nd younger sister in Tanzania healed her of
Asthma. +255754261704

26, 27). Sia a friend brought me her relatives one with repeating
Malaria the other with stomach complaints, both healed

28). Masharubu Taxi Driver at Kisutu Round about in Dar HIV, did
protocol 1000, feels full of energy these days and does not tire as before.

29). Ambros Taxi Driver Courtyard Hotel Undisclosed condition

30). Saidi Taxi Driver Courtyard Hotel Undisclosed condition.

31, 32, 33). Mohd's daughter with asthma, Mohd and his wife did not
disclose their conditions

34, 35). Ali Salehe Makwimbi (undisclosed condition) 0784150350,
0714882004, 0714 882004, and his wife Mrs. Makwimbi 075383905 had
walking problems, something to do with her knees after a car accident of
sorts quite a while back

36, 37, 38). Jennifer Gower (undisclosed general detox), and her
daughter who had fever before an exam gave her 6 drops and she repeated
6 drops before taking exams, said she was on a natural high throughout
the exams. A cousin of Jen also treated who was HIV/AIDS.

39, 40, 41). Zaynab Mafia Street, 0686171310 Mother with high blood
pressure, younger sister diabetic, herself a head case so she claimed.

42, 43). Tess, student with common cold and flu, mother with back pains.

44, 45). Clark Arrington, 0789782260, general detox and his 13 year old
adopted daughter HIV from birth.

46, 47, 48). Tea Room, Internet Cafe, Kisutu, undisclosed general detox,
Msafiri and mates

49, 50, 51, 52). Ernest and Ally Kea, and their wives, Botanic, Tunguu,
Zanzibar general detox, skin diseases and mental illness 0652333604

53). Anna- Animals on Zanzibar, has a donkey and dog sanctuary
introduced her to MMS and we treating all kinds of animals.

54, 55, 56). Richard Kilonzo, World Tours and Safaris, Arusha, healed
his mother with asthma, his relative with HIV and a blood transfusion
gone wrong, himself of undisclosed conditions and I have taught him so
that he is also treating further Masai's and others in critical
conditions and otherwise.

57, 58, 59, 60). Mariam John Mrema, malaria, her grand mother cannot
walk, healed her knees, a relative with diabetes and another relative
Mama Ester paralyzed from the waist down.

61, 62). Margrate Kiango and family, leg and skin diseases, unknown

63, 64). Aunt Heides kids in Morogoro, skin and boil conditions, one had
a black patch on her face check and on her back, after using MMS it
opened up on her face and a kind of dried cotton looking black dried
substance was released and her back boil secreted worms of some type.

65, 66). Hussein, a chemist near the general hospital in Dar es Salaam,
his wife had HIV, lots of skin scabs.....

67). Mama Bakari, malaria.

68). Medzio, general detox

69). Six, general detox

70). Jonnassy J. Mazoya lives in Buguruni, Dar es Salaam, 35 yrs old,
ankles and knees in pain, swollen joints, trouble walking, HIV and other
unknown conditions +255 713 945998

71). National Housing Corporation renovation manager, fungus on feet and
infected legs, wounds around his waist nymph nodes.

72, 73). Mr. Njoka, Teacher at Hindu Mandal Primary School and others in
Dar es Salaam, urinal track problems painful joints such as elbows. His
sister HIV positive also healed.

74, 75). Omary, Barman Q Bar, Cancer

75). Wakati, Bouncer at Q Bar

76). Liston Q Bar Bouncer +255784264656

77). Head Chef in Kitchen Q Bar Diabetes

78). Edson Q Bar waiter, urinal track problems

79). Atto, Q Bar waitress  Several miscarriages, last time was twins,
trying protocol 1000 on her

80). Zaynab Q Bar waitress undisclosed

81). Q Bar waitress grandfather

82). Julie, waitress Q Bar, +255 714 677334 ,
relative with mental illness and problems with legs

83, 84). Halima waitress at Q Bar, +255713840226 ,
relative with chest problems, irritated throat and breathing problems,
brother with undisclosed condition

85, 86).Q Bar waitress and friend, woman stomach problems, swollen
thighs and pain in thighs, their old man also with walking problems
ulcers and general weak.

87, 88).Q Bar Taxi driver Dulla and his wife, general detox for Dulla
and his with who has many conditions included possible HIV from the look
of her scabbed skin.

89). Met at Jolly Club, Waiter at Q Bar undisclosed condition

90). Raymond Kiangos grandmother in law, walking problems, heart
problems, blindness

91). Mpeni Kida- Shaking disease

92). Evans Mbowe, Ulcers, child with stomach pains and no stool for days
and wife with undisclosed condition, all put onto p1000, kid 2 years old
only 1 drop per hour.

93). Begger on the street with open woulds all along one thigh that does
not heal claimed it was cancer, told him I will teach him to heal
himself and he is at it.

94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101). Mary Mrema's relatives up in Moshi
villages around the foothills of the Kilimanjaro, Elimilika, chest
problems, Annie, chest problems and whole body in pain, Mama Ima, legs,
joints and chest pains, Asia, chest and stomach problems, Emmy, stomach,
waist pains and period/women pains, Aunty Maria, legs, elder woman just
gave MMS2 as MMS1 was to complicated for her to use alone, same as for
Glady and very elder woman with body aches, MMS2 in small regular doses.

102). In Dar es Salaam, Msasani, Baraka a 4 year old boy Mary John Mrema
looks after had malaria, flu and woulds on his legs all healed within a day.

103, 104), Rukia Saleh,  Dar es Salaam

105). N. Mohd, diabetes, was in S. A for diagnoses, followed by Indian,
taught him how to use MMS 5 days before he departed to go to India for
his 2nd diagnoses and had immediately started drops.

106). Nassor, trader and businessman at Fuoni on Zanzibar, stomach gas,
ulcers +255777437105

107). Ernest my watchman at the Botanic, Tunguu, his little child was
also treated with MMS for general detox.

108, 109). Nungwi, North Zanzibar, Captain Iddi at Spanish Divers in
Nungwi and his crew, one of them the father was diabetes including a
small one year old boy with boils all over his body from head to toes
who we found on the beach with his father that asked us for our help,
the poor kid was been injected for month twice a day with no improvement
at the local hospital..

We harvested B 12, Ocean Plasma while we were up there, fish too of course.

110). Linus, +255 (0) 755 654424 ,
suffering from Hernia in Dar es Salaam taught to heal himself with MMS

111). Aquilins Kiango's Cousin in Lushoto HIV +255773807991
or +255784434070

112). Jumas sister Tausis friend HIV +255783976877

113). Omary wa Dick +255787196122 , chest problems
and pains in the body

114, 115). Issa +255764171224 our day gate
watchman brought his brother Kazimoto Mwerangi from Manzese, DSM +255
786362979 who was suffering from gonorea of
some type for over 10 years, hospital and traditional medicine (was
using a lemon drink) he has been using has not been able to heal him,
started him on Protocol 1000. Their sister also had ulcer complications
and stomach problems, also put on Protocol 1000.chest and lung problems,
started him on Protocol 1000.

116). Mama Mnangi (Beyonce) General detox,

117). Abdul, ex bouncer in clubs in town,

118). Swai, Taxi driver in the Sea View area, Courtyard Hotel on Ocean
Road +255754480547 , wife with breast cancer, in
patient at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam, has a large open wound
around her breast, simply started her off slowly on protocol 1000, will
monitor situation before deciding to go into protocol 2000 or
introducing other methods of MMS applications. Think this is a good
strategy as protocols are being updated so after monitoring the
situation on protocol 1000 can decide better after a week to 2 weeks
which is the best protocol to follow depending on condition improvement
or deteriorating.

119,120, 121). Sea View watchman, one with his mother both with stomach
complications, ulcers and gas, 2nd watchman all hands and feet with
fungus moulds and skin complications, leg and walking problems, Rev. Zac
Zacharia join me to help set up the church and heal, Zac starts using
his camera to get pictures of before and after.

122). Faniel, +255 713011170 , Asthma

123, 124). Lookmanji's house help at Seaview my neighbor, 1 lady with
ulcers, the other with miscarriage problems, including speaking
problems, loses her voice very easily especially when in contact with
any smoke cigarette or otherwise, also swollen feet and legs cannot sit
on the floor comfortably, legs are numb.

125, 126, 127, 128, 128). Tucai Secretarial Services Dar es Salaam, Rose
the owner general detox, her daughter Alice +255 715 098788
, ulcer complications, Baba Alice with
diabetes and unstoppable hiccups 3 days long at times, her colleague
Baby +255 782 703702 or +255 902622 with rib
pains along the side of her stomach and Steven +255 712 097024 or +255
783 336013 with a big lump in his lower arm,
all put on protocol 1000.

129, 130, 131,132, 133 to 150). Kakas Pub, Kinondoni at Saudas place, 2
days training different bar staff and neighbours with diabetes, hiv,
asthma, ear and nose problems, skin conditions etc. Rev. Zac Zacharia
also of Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing>; accompanied me of all occasions.

151 to 181). Farida Ogga and Sauda +255 715 150960
set up a training healing session again in
Kinondoni close to Kakas Pub, this time with more preparations, over 30
young and old people taught with Dr. Zac Zacharia in attendance,
conditions from ulcers to skin problems, fungus, man problems, HIV,
diabates, asthma, walking and leg problems, epileptic, throat gaut,
spray and bag protocols were further taught the next day, including
foot/leg baths protocols and Bentonite clay was introduced to some of them.

182). Ulrica, Chavda Hotel, Zanzibar Stone Town. Tiredness and fatigue,
undisclosed condition.

213- 233). Babyface Nungwi, over 20 people in group training, ulcers,
miscarriages, leg problems, hiv, etc., returned and healed Bibi Chief,
an elderer lady in Nungwi Village, problems with legs, back and eyes.
Also in the village treated a group of 10 others with mouth gums
problems, diabetes, assortment of skin diseases and woman problems.  Had
given this chap 40 bottles og 50ml MMS1 to help others on the island and
also has some great testimonials.

234- 245). Stone Town Zanzibar, Ahlam Mohd and her sister Sabrina with
undisclosed problems, mainly eating, dizziness, low blood pressure, 4
taxi drivers at Tembo Hotel, skin fungus and undisclosed conditions, car
park lady by Livingstone Bar and Restaurant with body pains.

236, 237). Mohd my childrens cousin, feels weak and fatigue, feels
inside of himself not right, general detox and his friend HIV positive.

238, 239, 240). Agripina and her dad and friends, pain in body and legs,
general detox, malaria and diabetes.

241). Issa watchman at Sea View his sister in law with menstrual problems.

242, 243, 244). Ahlam Mohd on Zanzibar and her sister Sabrina and
friend, general detox, leg and body pains, undisclosed conditions.

245). Lilian's friend with HIV

246, 247). Dar es Salaam main post office, elderer post office
supervisor claimed she had malaria, mixed her a bottle of 30 activated
drops and asked her to drink half of it when she got home, the remaining
half an hour later, she experienced vomiting and diarrhea but cleansed
and has recovered the following morning feeling lighter and well, her
colleague is also ready for the same treatment, going to teach them
protocol 1000 and see that they can help others further. Help her
husband too also with long term malaria.

248). Suma, my neighbor, his workers wife with stomach and back problems.

249, 250). Munir and his wife, stomach problems ulcers and general detox.

251). Roza in UK with HIV

252, 253). Carlos and his friend, HIV and tinea a foot fungus, athletics
foot in Australia

254, 255, 256). Margret HIV and other conditions, allergies,
opportunistic diseases mainly skin including her partner and friend

257, 258). Carlos in Australia with HIV and his partner.

259). Naseems friend with infected mouth, swollen chin caused be
ingrowing infected teeth, protocol 1000, mouth protocol including MMS2

260). Mama Masha, +255785877073 , elderer lady with
HIV, protocol 1000 and spray protocol, was already vomiting at the end
of her first day at 1 activated drop an hour. Intends to carry on the
following morning at 1 activated drop an hour for 8 hours before trying
to take any larger dose. Have started talking to HIV/AIDS patients about
its history to its current state with the debate regarding HIV/AIDS,
trying to get rid of the bogey and open their eyes to what a lie it is,
ARVs killing them and they should not be ashamed of their status they
probably will out live most of the people shunning them, they are
survivors and the ones laughing do not even know their own statuses in
most cases. Get rid of the BOGEY, Detox, Nutrition, Hygiene, Exercise
with Sunshine and a good life style is the answer. Lemons, virgin olive
oil, garlic, ginger, aloe vera, vitamins, minerals, honey, dates,
kalonji oil, virgin coconut oil, to mention a few kitchen ingredients is
all it takes in most cases to get their body pH back to normal and the
immune system booted up for the body to heal itself.

She has made it up to 3 drops every hour every 8 hours and she on the
toilet now still doing 3 drops and hour she as good as healed just after
5/6 odd days.

Its all about the immune system.......

261). Edline, Marians friend below, sinus and general detox, inhaling
protocol and protocol 1000

262).  Mariam Said  from the Congo/Burundi/Uganda with eye ache and head
aches, asthma, general detox. Malaria, Asthma, she also had worms coming
out of her mouth and backside when she first started using MMS, scared
her but she carried on using MMS.

263). Mzee Mahokas daughter, Mwajuma with HIV, her husband general detox.

264, 264, 265). Mzee Ali and his 2 fundis, Unknow conditions, urinal
track problems, deep cut from axe whilst working with carpentry.

266). Father Luoga, 2 bottles unknow conditions, Father Luoga is
actually a retired Roman Catholic priest in Tanzania helping others, not
the first time he has taken MMs from me to help others.

267). HIV/Aids house girl of Megan +255 787 444044 in Dar es Salaam

268, 269). Sumas house girls relative with ulcers Msham Selemani
0718901361 or 0787901361 and a second one also with ulcers and skin

270). Dogo Baraka with Malaria at the Botanic, Tunguu, Zanzibar

271). Neighbors house girls brother with ulcers turned HIV.......

272). Priscilla- Kampala, Uganda>; sourcing MMS products through me and
have helped teach health sacraments to help many others.

273). Sunjay- Kigoma->; same as above, sourcing on his behalf
MMS health products and as far as India to his family.

274). Brian F- HIV over internet...

275). Robert Emulo, Uganda,>
sourcing  MMS products through me and have helped teach health
sacraments to help many others.

276).Aaron D>; HIV
over internet

277).Kaweesa Eric, Kampala. Uganda>; sourcing  MMS products through me and
have helped teach health sacraments to help many others.

278, 279). Issa Juma +255 773 071890 and his friend, both with diabetes,
his friend is bed ridden with leg pains and is unmder my supervision
making good progress.

280).Martin Musinguzi Uganda, <>; sourcing  MMS products through me
and have helped teach health sacraments to help many others.

281).FLORENCE Manana, Uganda <>;> MMS products through me and have helped teach
health sacraments to help many others.

282).Albert Njenga, Uganda <>;> MMS products through me and have helped
teach health sacraments to help many others.

283). Marium from Muheza Tanga, +255 712056920, general detox

284, 285). Maria from Sweden and her friend, unknow conditions and did
the Sacrament 1000.....

Posted : 29-06-2012

I was coughing up black phlegm with blood on a daily basis

I first got sick while working on a home in the mountains.  I was working in a crawl space installing fiberglass installation.  The area was low clearance so I was forced to lie on my back.  It was late fall and I was laying on ice that had water running over it.  The water was flowing under the house.  When it first came under the wall it flowed through many areas of debris that had feces and other rat nest items.  I had tried to remove this at first but there was so much of it and it got airborne and the mask I had did not seem to stop it.  So I left it alone.  So the water had all that in it as well.  Additionally, since I was working on the average 10 hours a day I was constantly wet and cold from this water and the cramped conditions.  I got very sick for about 2 weeks after this job but felt mostly better after that.  Then in January of 2008 my wife and I went to India, while there I got violently ill.  This was partly due to my own foolishness of working out barefooted outside the next to the last day there.  For those that have not been to India recently let me explain.  The air pollution is so bad that you can not see over 100 feet and by the end of the day your eyes are burning and red.  Additionally, even though we wore air breathing masks by the end of the day our lungs burned.  You can not drink tap water as well as many types of bottled water.  Pollution is rampant everywhere.  Finally, the ground is covered with a black soot which is actually black mold spores as I found out. 

By the day before leaving India I was already violently ill.  It was all I could do to survive the trip back to the U.S.  Upon getting back I went to the emergency room and got antibiotics.  However, I only got worse after that. 
I was sick for over 3 years.   I tried everything I could find to get healthy. 

Antibiotics-massive doses both orally and IV.

Oils (essential oils, organic oils; flax, hemp, coconut and others such as minerals and herbs)

Chinese herbs and acupuncture with several different Chinese doctors.


Various other naturopathic systems (too numerous to mention)


No matter what I did I would only feel a bit better for a few weeks at best some times only a day or two and then I would go back to being very sick.  I had black mold in my lungs which I was coughing up black phlegm with blood on a daily basis.  People did not like to sit near me and asked that I disinfect the area when I left due to all the sneezing and coughing and massive phlegm drainage I had.  (By August of 2011 it was so massive from my entire repertory tract that I was blowing my nose and getting a shot glass worth every 2-3 minutes.  I was also getting ruptures in my veins in my sinus cavities, even in the frontal and sigmoid sinus areas.  My eustachian tubes were always completely plugged and painful.  I was also always nauseous, had vertigo and ached in all muscles and joints all the time.  Often I was racked with spasms in muscles accompanied by massive cramping in my intestinal tract.  When I was in my late 20’s (I am 56 now) I only needed 4 hours of sleep to be rested.  By 50’s I needed 10 hours to be rested.  Once all the sickness set in after our India trip, 10 hours of sleep was never enough.  Even with 14 hours I woke so exhausted I felt like I had not slept in a week.  I often had to sleep up to 20 hours to function.

For a person in my original condition this was very traumatic.  I have been a martial artist for over 35 years and have been teaching martial arts since 1987.  I had been an avid runner, hiker, climber, skier, backpacker, you get the picture.  But with all this sickness I had been unable to sustain a martial arts workout for all of 2011.  The illness had put all my activities to a stop.  I had finally to drop out of school as I could not continue with my illness.  I had been working on a degree in Chinese Medicine at a school in Denver, Colorado.  Additionally, the illness strained my relationship with my wife since I could never sleep with her since every time I laid down I had at least an hour of wrenching coughing and then when that subsided I would sneeze every 15 minutes even in my sleep (this was on the periods I was doing good).  During bad periods I had to sleep on the floor in with my chest on the pillow making my head lower so the massive drainage did not drowned me.  My wife and I would no longer even kiss or touch as I didn’t want to infect her.  Even though I was sleeping in the living room and not touching her she still got flues and colds from me about once every 3 months.

By August of 2011 it would be hard to find a healing modality I had not tried, as well as full body cleanses and various systemic and organ cleanses.  Nothing offered respite.  The only protocols I had not tried were those I could not find in this country.  I have looked for Ryfe therapy but can not find it.  I had heard of the mms but could not find it either.

Then in October of 2011 my wife and I went on a trip to Turkey with our spiritual group.  I figured I would not return as I was very sick.  I thought that this would be my last time with my wife and so would share this with her before I left my physical form.  However, while in Turkey a person on  our tour bus had the mms protocol.  He offered it to me.  I tried it (we did not really have the time to do a full disease protocol).  I only partially did it for 3 days.  By the third dose I was so much better that I had no more nausea, body pain and most of the sneezing and coughing was gone.  My lungs no longer burned with the black mold either.  Because of these results and knowing it would be some time until I could get the mms for myself, on the third day I really concentrated on doing the protocol and did five 6 drop doses that day.  (This was the last day we were in Turkey)

By the time I got home I was no longer ill at all.  I could barely believe I got better while in Turkey. 

I know am back to only needing 4 hours to be rested.  Eight hours makes me feel supercharged now.  I am back to full power martial arts workouts as well. 


I am currently doing the disease protocol and building up the dosages with 10 drops being my current level (11 gave me diarrhea so I backed down to 10).  This is as of 1 December 2011.

I have started the oral hygiene protocol.  So far can say my teeth feel cleaner to my tongue than before.  I have a lot of gum and tooth long term damage to measure against,.  As I just started this week (11-28-11)  so will see what my dentist and periodontist say when I go in for my oral cleaning followed by surgery in January.

For me the proof of a protocol is in the results, all  the rest are just distractions to give you hope and temporary relief and not get you health permanently.

I would not recommend to people dying from aids, malaria, diabetes, cancer, etc to take anything else as they don't always work and that means some people are going to die before they get better.  Remember I WAS dying.  I had gotten to the point where I could only crawl and my wife took me to the emergency room more than once and took off work to do so.  I could no longer work, exercise, keep food or even water down.  I could not sleep due to the pain and nausea I was in.  When you haven't slept but 1 to 2 minutes at a time for a total of about 2 hours a day for a year and are exhausted, dehydrated and starving to death and are still having to crawl every 5 to 10 minutes to the bath room to get sick you are in big trouble.  The drugs, oils and other therapies only would give a very temporary slight improvement.   What kind of healing recommendation is that?  The mms protocol ALWAYS gets fast results and is low cost to use as well.  It costs less that $1 per treatment.  For me that means why bother with the rest when you have the best.  The western IV's with a rainbow of antibiotics only delayed my symptoms and problems for brief periods, 2 days at best.  The IV's with the saline and glucose solutions were necessary to keep me alive at that time since I could not ingest, digest, or keep anything in my body long enough to use it in any other way.

Yes there is already fear mongering:  It is bleach.  No it is not it has a different chemical formula.  Bleach is NaOCl while mms is NaClO2 this is one more oxygen.  The same as hydrogen peroxide is not water, one more oxygen.  Hydrogen Peroxide is poison to drink while water is needed.

Drugs cause hundreds of thousands of deaths a year and have massive side affects.  Look at all the drug advertisements.  Yet the FDA does not pull them.  Yet they are already starting to target this protocol.  They have been trying for years to get vitamins outlawed.  They are about the big $$$$ not protecting your health.

feel free to contact me with any questions

Gene Slusser

Posted : 29-06-2012

Bursitis and Arthritis

I have been taking MMS protocol 1000 for 6 days and I woke up today with stiffness from arthritis in my back GONE!!! the inflamation from the bursitis was already gone after day 2 or 3 I can't wait to wake up tommarrow to see how much better I feel, I think what you are doing and how you have gone about it is absolutely wonderful!!!
Blessings & Miracles
sonya signorella

Sonya Signorella

Posted : 29-06-2012

Cured my son from tick bites and poison ivy and MRSA

Hi Myrla and Al, I am writing to tell you what MMS did for Josh. Late last fall Josh had his gall bladder removed, also while he was in the hospital they removed a cyst, the size of a pea, from his chest. He returned home with MRSA, a staff infection,Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium with antibiotic resistance, that he contracted at the hospital. For 3 weeks it continued to get worse until the hole in his chest was an inch or so deep. You could put your finger, up to the first knuckle in it. They (the hospital) told him to soak gauze in peroxide and stuff it back into the hole. He continued to do this for weeks and it just got worse. He called and told me how bad it was so I went over to the house to see. When I saw this gaping hole I almost started crying. I couldn\'t believe what I saw. I told him to stop putting the peroxide in there. I took the MMS and sprayed it into the hole, then put the gauze back in. He did this several times a day. After 3 days it started to close. In one week it had almost healed completly. Two weeks ago he was out in the yard and was covered with ticks, brown ticks, deer ticks, and turkey mites,a hundred or more. It took over an hour to get all the ticks off. The turkey mites were something else. They lay eggs under your skin and you can\'t get them out. Josh became extremely sick, to the point of not being able to talk or get out of bed. I thought he had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I really thought he was dying, he thought so too. He said,\"Mom, go get Abbey, I\'ve got to see her because I think I\'m dying and I\'m never going to see her anymore.\" Thats when I started giving him the MMS,every hour for 8 hours, every day. After the first day he was sitting up on the side of the bed. The next day he was up walking around. By the third day he was back to his old self. He also was covered with poison ivy, he had blisters all over his legs, hands and between his fingers,that was cleared up the next day.All the tick bites cleared up too. Please don\'t think I\'m crazy, this really works. MMS kills everything in the body that is not supposed to be there, it doesn\'t harm any of the good bacteria or flora, only parasites and all the bad stuff in you. Maybe it can help Keith too. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I love you and will ask God to help him. God does miracles but sometimes he uses our hands.
                                                                                    Love Judie
  This is a letter I sent to my aunt, Her son is dying of cancer.

Judith H Moore
Posted : 29-06-2012

MMS works, regardless of faith. It works. Were it not for MMS today, I'd be dead.

MMS has always helped. MMS use whenever you need advice. When not help vitamins, herbs, or when it's too bad that MMS has always helped and got me into a life full of energy. MMS latitudes Regardless of the law, helping people in this way. Free, everyone was surprised by the quick success. On toothache occupies faster than Brufen. For me, it is preferable but MMS2 suffer from acne. After 1 capsule is MMS2 almost immediately after the dissolution of the capsule to see how the inflammation disappears from his face and sores heal very well. Whenever belches "chlorine" odor, I know that MMS is working to correct me. Jim Humble consider to be the greatest man of all time. After God is in 2nd place and all the others as the Dalai Lama, missionaries, and others good-hearted people do not reach him or her ankles. I admire his courage and strength to fight the greatest evil. No one could even a fraction of what this hero worthy of respect. I take it as an obligation in the event of obtaining a larger sum of money, at least 60%, I gave Jim Humble Church.


MMS vždy pomohlo. MMS používám vždy když si nevím rady. Když nepomohou vitamíny, byliny, nebo když už je moc špatně tak MMS vždy pomohlo a dostalo mě do života plného energie. Šířím MMS bezohledu na zákon, pomáhám lidem tímto způsobem. Zadarmo, každý byl překvapen rychlým úspěchem. Na bolest zubů zabírá rychleji než brufen. Pro mě je ale vhodnější MMS2 trpím na akné. Po 1 kapsli MMS2 je takřka ihned po rozpuštění kapsle vidět jak zánět z obličeje mizí a boláky se velmi dobře hojí. Vždy když říhnu "chlorový" odér, vím že MMS pracuje na mé opravě. Jima Humbla považuji za největšího člověka všech dob. Po bohu je na 2. místě a veškeří ostatní jako dalajláma, misionáři, a jiní dobrosrdeční lidé mu nesahají ani po kotníky. Obdivuji jeho odvahu a sílu bojovat proti největšímu zlu. Nikdo nedokázal ani zlomek toho co tento úcty hodný hrdina. Beru jako povinnost v případě získání většího obnosu peněz, tak min 60% bych věnoval církvi Jima Humbla.

Czech Republic Posted : 27-05-2015

Maag problemen genezen

Ik ben een man van 62 en  had maanden lang last van brandend maagzuur
in de slokdarm
Zuurremmers hielpen wel maar als ik ze niet meer
innam kwam het zuur onmiddelijk terug
Ik kon niet meer liggend slapen
Na een paar keer mms ingenomen te hebben
was de pijn weg en kon ik weer
gewoon slapen
Ook had ik chronisch verkoudheid
Die is ook geheel verdwenen  en dat na 8 maanden
van problemen
IK ben heel blij dat ik zo ben opgeknapt
Eerlijk gezegd heb ik de mms maar zo af en toe genomen
en niet volgens een protocol
Maar toch hielp het
Henk Damstra

Henk Damstra

Posted : 29-06-2012

More MMS Testimonies

I have been tracking MMS usage for over 4 years. On my blog I have stored a number of testimonials. I have contacted these people and have reason to believe that they are true. You may read them here.

I have had personal significant success with mild irritable bowel syndrome with the use of MMS. Previous to MMS I used grapefruit seed extract 2 to 3 times a year, then ozone therapy one time a year to keep the symptoms in check. After MMS I did not have recurrent symptoms for 3 years. Perhaps I should have done the protocol longer? Be that as it may, a repeat protocol of MMS along with Serrapeptase enzymes for one week once again eliminated by colon pain.

Arrow Durfee
United States Posted : 29-06-2012

la cura milagrosa del 2020

Jim Humble
Buenos días señor soy Estuardo Vargas y vivo en ecuador me regalaron dos frascos el uno de mms y otro de un activador que le cuento que me ha dejado como nuevo tengo 45 años y me dolía todo ahora después de 10 días de tomarlo me calmado todos los achaques a mi suegra que tiene diabetes y cáncer al útero, créamelo que le ha bajado la hinchazón esta con apetito a mi mujer ya no le duele nada y a mi hijo de 3 años ya no tiene alergias es asombroso su invento.
Será posible que me enseñe la formula ya sé dónde comprar el clorito de sodio en polvo las 100 libras, el acido cítrico, el agua destilada, las etiquetas las tengo con su sello y su foto, los botes son de plástico oscuro con gotero.
Los amigos, las familias de los chicos que apoyo acá tengo un programa de re rehabilitación a chicos de las pandillas y dándoles este producto les calma la ansiedad y la depresión es increíble cómo funciona su invento.
Tengo 17 años haciendo labor social es una forma de devolver  a la sociedad mi buena fe ya que tengo 17 años de consumir drogas y haber salido de las pandillas.


estuardo vargas
santo domingo de los tsachilas
Dominican Republic 

Posted : 29-06-2012
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