Asthma, Auto Immune condition and Allergies

Evanir Garcia 9:27pm Sep 27

My problem with asthma started in 2008 and shortly afterwards I acquired an autoimmune disease called Hyper Eosinophilic Syndrome. No one was able to help me and I almost died several times. Every organ was damaged by the high EOS.I was put on high doses of prednisone, in order to breathe, but the damage began~ osteoporosis, thin skin, extreme bruising, insomnia etc.

I tried special diets, juicing, green smoothies, several supplements, different naturopathic doctors, Vitaming C IV's, Glutathione IV's, sauna, cleansing protocols, you name it, I tried. But I kept getting worse.

I had heard about you and MMS and decide to read everything I could find about you and this miraculous supplement. But taking it the old method, in larger amounts, made me so sick I could not tolerate it and had to stop.

Recently I purchased your wonderful book, and started taking MMS1 and MMS2, increasing slowly and using the new hourly method. Almost immediately I felt that my lungs got better, no more wheezing or coughing. I can run up and down the steps, and my energy came back. I started decreasing the prednisone and in 2 months I decreased from 20mg (and sometimes 30mg),  to 7mg. It is a true miracle! My lungs are clear when checked on my recent visit to the doctor. Now I am hoping to decrease even more and soon be totally off.

I am going to do the parasite protocol listed in Michael Harrah's website, because one of the possible causes of this autoimmune disease is parasites, among other causes, like severe allergic reactions. I live in an agricultural area where the farmers spray a lot of toxic chemicals, another factor that could have triggered the eosinophils to get so high.

Thank you so much for caring. God is using you to help so many thousands get well. May God continue to bless you.


Evanir Garcia
United States 

Posted : 03-10-2012


I started my mother on MMS after I began caring for her in 2004 when she was 95. Cold and chest infections were killing her. One drop a day at 5 pm stopped that, gave her a runny nose and perfect health until she died of heart failure at 101.

Don't even start me on all who Jim has helped through me sinse then. I'll be writing all day. This product is truely of the third mellenium.


brian morris

Posted : 26-08-2012

bottle of Thai Whisky

Dear Jim Firstly I want to say how amazed I am with your faith and dedication to mms and helping people, if only 1 in every thousand were like you! Ok my short story. I'd been introduced to mmms via his interview on project camelot few years ago and had a good feeling this guy was telling the truth! So I decided to give it a try, now im a fairly healthy guy, but I did notice many improvements, nit only in the clwaring of mental foggyness and energy levels, but morning breath and urine odour completly gone..wven first thing!

The big thing a noticed was when I broke up with a very special person and I went to my friends house for a chat and general cry, he had just returned fro Thailand and brought some whiskey, which of course I said i'll be having a glass of that, now I din't all if I have a pint I suffer the next day, I finishef the entire bottle! I wad bearly drunk, My friend thought I had been pretending to drink and throughing it on the floor as its well known for its high gravity! Next morning I awoke early not a single bad feeling, although my throught hurt for a week as the whiskey had burnt my throat! So thank you for saving my life as im sure death would have been swift without mms. Love Don

United Kingdom Posted : 24-08-2012

really miracle

Dear Jim and all,

It has been more than 1 1?2 years since Ive heard from my friend in Silesia about MMS.

I have been testing and using it on myself heavily to either proof or disproof FDA as well as Jim's stand.


- I am still alive and not dead as claimed by FDA
- Have healed serious blood viral infection
- have also healed these conditions - blood poisoning
                                                                  - rabbit umonia
                                                                  - all kind of fungnus on my feet and tounails
                                                                  - Flus & coulds
                                                                  - skin rashes
                                                                  - ear infection

- used it to recover after dog bite operation

Also since I ve been using mms regularly as procortion, I have not used single FDA drug. 

The only thing I would say is ALWAYS use DMSO when dealing with MMS it does make a difference and every evenning take one tablet of moringa. 

I am very  happy and grateful to Jim and all man and women involved. Do my best to be with you and support you any way I can.

speaking of that next time I do tread something will start making pic before and after and send it to you via email I would like to ask follow " patiients " to do the same. just to help you.

One thing about FDA doctor is very shocking. when I told them I am using mms and ask them after while to check results, parently no change. BUT when I did not tell them, and used MMS again. sudantly ALL WAS CURED..... 

that speaks for itself. 

with great respect and love 


United Kingdom 

Posted : 22-07-2014

side effects


I used MMS1  for more than 2 years to heal seasonal flue , liver cysts , and many other diseases.

Now , the seasonal flue become from the past and liver condition become better, but skin allergy is still.

I used protocol 6X6 .  I am experiencing 2 problems as side effects of using MMS, which is worthy to mention:

Pharynx condition ; that’s I am feeling like gastro esophageal. its usually when drinking MMS , but its becoming chronic.  

I am planning to see a doctor for better check up. I feel like mms is highly oxidizing and its strong over the fine tissues and muscles which usually in Pharynx

Enuresis, its too hard , but its true that I am impatience !!!! And it has to be so quick!!!

Before mms, I had a bad condition of kidneys; if I drank a cup of coffee (occasionally) I would experience a bad kidney pain. Would relief only if I drink large amount of water for 1 or 2 days after the coffee!! mms helped me that nowadays coffee is not a problem  !!!

There are things which are common between both side effects . Pharynx is a gate for high oxidizing free radicals and bladder is the gate to pass ( high oxidizing free radicals , heavy metals , dead bacteria and others…….etc )  
and both side effects, i can feel and notice . god knows what is hidden!!!!!! 

we have to think more when using the word " using MMS for body maintenance" !!!!!!!

MMS is basically in emergencies only !!!!! to treat serious diseases only !!!!!!!











United Arab Emirates 

Posted : 14-10-2014

MMS Health

I have been using MMS about 7 years now. I am near 77 years old and in pretty good Health.

Thanks to MMS I have not be sick for more than 1 day in the last 7 years as at this First sign of sickness of any kind I take MMS. While I do not have any other problems, I know of two people with Cancer that are now Cancer free thanks to MMS. One is a long time friend 78 years old that had confirmed Prostrate Cancer 6 years ago and now thanks to MMS he has no sign of Cancer. The other was a young lady friend of my Grandson that had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was treated with chemo on three different times and the Cancer came back each time. She decided to try MMS Protocol and has been Cancer Free for three years.

I think Jim Humble deserves a HUMANITARIAN AWARD for his Selfless work with MMS.

Len Bridger

Posted : 24-10-2014


H-Pilori -
a stomach bacteria - was killed after only 2 capsules of  MMS - 78% calcium hypochlorite powder - which made the use
of traditional antibiotic -3 months protocol - totally unnecessary

Fibromyalgia was mostly gone - pain level difference -  after 5 days of  - same as above - calcium hypochlorite capsules -
- 3-4-4-5-5-. pr day for 5 days -
amazing results - thank you Jim Humble.

Renate R.
Posted : 23-11-2014


i have used MMS for several yrs now for myself and dog - for everything - w great sucess.
my latest is bleeding hemorroids for yrs to the point that i was very anemic.  so it dawned on me to spray them too w MMS.  immediately - no more bleeding hemorroids!!  this is huge in my life!  i continue to spray hemorroids aft shower, etc - they have shrunk to pea size and i no longer have bleeding  problem!!  thank you, thank you jim humble!!  i have told everybody i know about MMS and everybody in family - but NOBODY wants to hear it.  i have family members die of cancer, one sick w renal kidney failure, etc, etc - but not interested in MMS.  only killing themselves slowly w drugs.  you can't help those that do not want your help..  sad.  i love my MMS!!

sylvia smith
United States 

Posted : 26-07-2014

helping my uncle

I started my uncle on protocol 1000 just one week ago, here in Kelowna BC Canada. He was in bad shape when I arrived here, having chronic diarrhea, blood-sugar abnormalities, high blood pressure and liver problems, he just had a blood transfuse when I arrived, the doctors where puzzled by the fact that he was losing blood somewhere in the body and they didn't know where and why. After just 2 days being on the protocol 1000, his chronic diarrhea stopped, now after one week, he feels much better, he looks better too. He gained strength and is thinking of taking walks outside again. He had a colonoscopy done yesterday, and everything looked just fine. I suspect he was losing blood due to infections in his colon. I hope the MMS will take care of his liver problems too, as part of the liver is necrotic. wonderful stuff this MMS, me and my aunt are doing a body cleansing, we are both on protocol 1000 for three weeks. Paul

paul aalmans

Posted : 23-08-2013

Ros Stiles

I have been using MMS with DMSO for four weeks know.  I am taking it for a brain tumour.  I have loves lump on my arm that was going to be cut out s disappear completely.  Age spots on my legs  and hands have disappeared as well as some very Suss and itchy blotches that I had not taken to the doctor

Ros Stiles

Posted : 16-07-2013
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