MMS cured my jawinfection

Beloved Jim Humble!

Thank you for MMS.

From 2006 to 2011 I suffered enormeous pain caused by an infection in my jaws.The jawsurgeon remooved bone and tissue in 11 times operating on my jaw.I took heavy paracetamol with codeine and felt pain so much i could hardly articulate,speak.The infection would persist and jump through my jaws.On 6.September i took first MMS 10 drops-4 times a day.Within 3 days i stopped the painkillers.I became able to open my mouth again and speak well and laugh.No pain.The swelling in my mouth from the operating melts away.......I am very gratefull for MMS !

In 2006 the first operation they remooved a cyste and put Amalgam in my jaw.I got very ill.3 months after they remooved the Amalgam and put some other stuff they use for people allergic to Amalgam.Now my question,if they forgot tiny amount of Amalgam will the MMS be able  to get it out of my jaw,body,system?

What is the best way for me to take MMS?

I love the tubbaths!

Love to you and all!


Sigrid Beckman

Sigrid Beckman

Facebook Sigrid Beckman Posted : 30-10-2012

Cystitis Cleared Up

I had a very severe case of cystitis that came on quite quickly. I took 5 drops of activated MMS and within an hour the symptoms had disappeared. I have continued taking MMS once a day and suspect that by the time I can get in to see the doctor (in two weeks!) that the lab test will come back negative. This is just one of many times that MMS has worked for me.

Anna Jean Cresswell

Posted : 18-10-2012

Works like a Miracle!!

We as 20 family members in different countries have used MMS for almost 5 years to treat any infection that comes along. We have eliminated many symptoms of food poisoning and kidney infections from our bodies in hours taking 6 drops of MMS/day. My mom had a mouth infection. She couldn’t handle the smell or taste of MMS so (we add baking soda now) she took 2 drops/day; she got better slowly but after a month she was completely healed.


Three months ago one of our young members had genital herpes. He used protocol 2000 and after a month he was healed. When flu symptoms start to appear we use protocol 2000 and normally Flu symptoms disappear in less than 24 hours. For our children we used it all the time with amazing results.


When we travel we take MMS with us. Certainly, it’s a powerful product and we can’t live without it.

Thank you Jim Humble, God Bless you always.


Patricia Howell
United States 

Posted : 07-10-2012

After 3 1/2 years

Very Dear Mr. Humble, First would like to congratulate you on your recent article about Vegetarianism. It's absolutely brilliant. I was a vegetarian myself for several years and got a big boost immediately after resuming my previous diet. As for a testimonial regarding my experience with MMS, I'd like to say that I've been taking it for 3 ½ years now.

There is obviously an after and before this landmark event and I can say for sure that I'm still alive and healthy thanks to it. What is really hard is to summarize all the changes I noticed. I'll give it a try:


1. Although I had occasional cold and flu symptoms, MMS always stopped them on the tracks –same with sinus infections.

2. For several years and about once a month, my blood pressure would go up, not significantly but it was a very annoying situation because I felt so bad I had to lie in bed while it lasted. I saw several Chinese doctors and all of them told me that my problem wasn't hypertension but poor blood circulation. They helped me with herbs and acupuncture but they were unable to prevent the problem from returning. I didn't expect an improvement of this condition by taking MMS, but wow! The problem is gone!!!! My only explanation is this –and would love to get your opinion on it- If the problem is circulatory and all MMS is doing is clean, maybe the cleaning of my blood vessels allowed blood to flow more freely.

3. The irritation on my gums went away almost immediately. The spot that remained irritated was healed with a couple of drops of colloidal silver.

4. Unexpectedly and without changing my diet, I lost about 2 sizes of body weight.

5. I also noticed that 2/3rd of my varicose veins are gone.

6. My cellulites is gone.

7. My skin is a lot softer and I can breathe more freely.

8. As for being still "sane" and alive, here is what I mean. I have MANY of those horrible dental fillings and some are leaking. I was only able to get three of them removed. The dentist told me she had no idea what she was going to encounter underneath the ones she removed. I had had some pain and inflammation. Not a nice picture. Unbelievably, everything was ok underneath!


My eyelids are still badly swollen, etc., etc., but still can do "some" work and function. The most striking thing –I believe- is that I've been getting the benefits described from 1 to 7 in spite of my dramatic dental situation. The psychological support of MMS can't be, in any way, underestimated as I'm aware of the time bomb inside my mouth. To say "Thank You" now for what you're doing is nothing so I keep saying that each and every minute of my life. I really wanted to thank you personally when you were here but my health condition wouldn't allow.


One more reason to thank you: I just met the MMS distributors here in Buenos Aires. They are VERY nice and being able to purchase it right here is a huge bonus, as the police state is felt very strongly in these situations!!! My heartfelt thanks to you and to all your team!!!


Wish you all the very best!!!



Posted : 03-10-2012
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