Mr Jones UK

I had food poisoning. I was doubling over with terrible cramps so took 6 drops MMS and 30 Mins later I was OK. Worked very quick.

Mr Jones
United Kingdom 

Posted : 16-12-2012

Best natural remedy

Medical profession gave me no hope after acquiring hydrocephalus in an auto accident.  I went from a nursing home invalid for two years to become a productive vibrant citizen.  I now can drive, run, and live a normal life.  MMS also cured  deep vein thrombosis and cured me in 2 days of MRSA.  God bless this work forever!

Comeback Kid
United States 

Posted : 12-12-2012


Since multiple doctors lied to me over 10 years ago I have been left disabled do to multiple bypass operations on my Femeral Arteries (legs). I have artifical arteries with 10% circulation.  This limits the distance I can walk at a given time.  20 to 30 yards at a time then I must stop to let the blood refill my legs with oxygen.  I have to get Chelation Theraphy to keep my artifical arteries open so I don't lose my legs.  This is a $4000 a year process for 30 treatments (twice a week or approximately 4 months). Each treatment causes the loss of 1 day, since I can't do anything the day of the treatment which takes 3 1/2 hours to complete.  I have been taking MMS/CDS now for about 3 years.  I have found that if I take 10 to 12 drops of MMS at least 5 times a day (over 50 drops) I do not need to go and get my Chelation Therapy as often.  To date I have not had Chelation Therapy for over 2 years now.  I would like to also talk about the drinking of Pepsi.  My doctors have always asked if my legs hurt when the circulation goes down from using my legs.  I have never experienced any pain.  They just get tired almost immediately and if I don't halt they give out from lack of oxygen and I go down.  I am still able to golf at courses that allow me to drive close to the greens and tees.  This is my only exercise.  Anyway few years ago my legs started hurting very bad when the circulation went down.  Almost to the point of crying it was so bad.  I could not finish 14 of the 18 holes because the pain was so unbearable.  I could not figure out why all of a sudden my legs were hurting so bad.  After much thinking I remembered the homeopathic doctor that I was seeing for the chelation treatments had told me sodas were bad for your circulation and would harm the chelation treatments ability to clear my blood vessels of cholesterol.  I was drinking maybe 5 or 6 Pepsi every week.  Doing nothing else, I switched from Pepsi to Powerade drinks.  In less than two weeks my pain went away and has never returned.  You can give me all the statistics you want on how good Pepsi is for you and I can tell you from experience that Pepsi is no good for the circulation anyones body.  Most of you can't feel what it is doing, but with my legs being as sensitive as they are, I was able to witness first hand just how bad this product is!

Gary A Pietz
United States 

Posted : 19-11-2012

MMS-baking soda

Trying using baking soda with MMS. It eliminated bad taste and odor completely. It taste like normal water. I put 10 drops of MMS with 12 ounces of water. Then I add about 1/32 of a teaspon f baking soda. It also highers ph,doesn't hurt stomach.

United States 

Posted : 19-11-2012

taste of MMS

I found mixing coconut water with MMS makes for a very palatable drink, brings to mind a sort of lemonade flavor, I started this when I developed an abessed tooth. The abess receeded, never to return, I took 5 drops once a day, using the coconut water as the delivery sysyem. I hope someone can benefit from this.

Paige Shields
United States 

Posted : 19-11-2012


A friend came back from a Pacific island with blood and blood clots in her urine.  The lab test and diagnosis from her doctor came back e-coli.  She was perscribed anti-biotics.  Before she started the antibiotics, I made her 1.5 liters of CLO2 solution (CDS) in alkaline water, asked her to drink it over the course of the next 12 hours, then go back to the doctor for another blood test the following day.  She did this and to her doctor's amazement, her e-coli symptoms were gone. 

Posted : 12-11-2012


My six year old daughter came down with a fever and also lost her appetite, feeling sick at her stomach. After a couple days of resting in bed her abdomen began hurting in the area of her navel. The pain became acute and shifted to her right side. It hurt so bad that she could no longer walk. An older brother of hers had had these same symptoms 12 years before, and we had taken him to the hospital where his appendix was removed. I decided to try giving her MMS. I mixed up a three drop dose, and gave it to her. Within about five minutes she threw up. But then she felt better and her temperature went down some. So, I began a regimen of administering a two drop dose to her three times a day. She did not throw up following the two drop doses. Over the next couple of days, her temperature returned to normal, her appetite returned, the pain in her abdomen went away, and she began to walk and dance again. We praise God for her healing, for Jim Humble, and for MMS. Thank you for providing this web site.

United States 

Posted : 05-11-2012

Preventive Health

For 5 years now, I have taken MMS and given it to my children, friends and family to prevent the cyclical colds and flu's so prevalent in our society. I've also used MMS quite successfully to heal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, infected gums,sinus infections, stomach aches, inflammation of the gut, etc. Thank you for bringing this simple, yet profoundly effective healing formula to the world. I'm eternally grateful!!! Sincerely, Jaime Wisconsin, USA

Jaime Rambo
United States 

Posted : 03-11-2012

Chicken____ and cured

I Sprayed my face with it (as prescribed in 2010, b4 the new book)it stung after a few days (I thought that meant it's working). It cleaned pretty nicely as a brown dot on the End of my nose almost disappeared. 

3 years ago, I started swishing and flossing with it, followed by brushing with minted claY For Red receding Sore gums and browning teeth. Now the Teeth are almost back to normal white and gums a healthy pink with very little occasional soreness. 

a 6-day cleanse last year relieved moderate nightly bloating and bothersome activity in lower abdomin (worm?)and sugar cravings (candidA).

Currently on Protocol 1000 for a general clean up: heavy  metals, candida, deep tissue toxins. 


Lake Worth
United States 

Posted : 24-03-2015

Osteoncrosis of the Jaw

In January 2012 I was diagnosed with Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ) due to bisphosphonate drugs taken during chemo treatments for cancer. I had never had any kind of dental problems or dental work done prior to getting ONJ. I was very scared. No one seems to know much about it and even the specialist I went to would only say, "oh I'm very sorry for you", which made me even more scared. I only took 3 doses of intervenes Zometa and my jaw and teeth started hurting so much I was taking mega pain pills, and finally stopped the Zometa when bone started coming through my gums. I had to continue with the pain pills, antibiotics and mouthwashes for quite some time after I stopped taking the Zometa. Although the pain did go away, the ONJ did not and over the past 8 months it kept getting a little worse.  There are no known treatments for ONJ.

Miraculously, this past weekend I tried the new method given in the new book using drops in a shot glass (letting the fumes sit in your mouth), and thank-you Lord, in 3 days my ONJ has completely gone away, and my gums totally healed.   I have been brushing my teeth with MMS for some time but apparently the gas procedure did the trick. 

Thank you and God bless you all!!



Deanna VanWestenberg
United States 

Posted : 01-11-2012
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