HIV: Undetectable!!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone!!!!

I'm here to share some great news: after my wife tested NEGATIVE for HPV (already mentioned that story here a while ago), it was my turn:

Took the PCR (RNA) test for HIV and guess what???

Results came UNDETECTABLE!!!! I'm so damn happy!!!

CD4 is still a little low, but the doctors said the Viral Load is THE most important thing and now that NO virus was detected in my blood, he's more than positive CD4 counts will raise.

Also, it's important to note that I couldn't wait the three months as recommended by Jim after finishing the Protocol because my doctor requested my to take the test.

IMPORTANT: I've been on Protocol 4000 (MMS2) for exactly 105 days (29 days for maintenance)....
And besides the Protocol, Faith and Hope played real important elements, as I prayed a lot with each MMS capsule I took.

Maybe in three months I'll take the elisa test, and God help me that will test negative too!!!

For those who wanted a testimonial, here you have it. I'll try to copy the test results here (sorry for the language, it's in portuguese):

Método: Reação em cadeia da polimerase (PCR) em tempo real

Material: RNA extraído do plasma



Limite de detecção: 20 cópias/mL (34 UI/mL).

NOTA(1): Um resultado "indetectável" indica que a viremia está ausente
ou se encontra abaixo do limite de detecção do teste.

NOTA(2): Este teste não deve ser utilizado para o diagnóstico de
infecção por HIV-1, exceto em situações clínicas bastante

Peace, Love and Health to everyone!
Chris, from Brazil

Posted : 29-06-2012

God bless you

My name is Almaze i come from Ethiopia , i am HIV postive and i have 1 son but his ok from this sickness thanks God .
and i hearing from this Mms before 3 years from one friend of my sister she is also the same like me but thanks God she is complitly ok now and i know if i can found this Mms i will be also ok but i dont know where can i found can you please help me to found this MMS please please by God name i ask you to tell me where i can found or i can buy . From the first day up to now i am looking for , for this but it is not easy to found here in Ethiopia .
Dear Jim Hampel Thanks so much and God bless you where ever you are


Posted : 29-06-2012
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