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"A little update on the herpes2. well after the 3 or 4 days of the tingling feeling and the sensations of a sore that never came out, i am happy to report that not only was there no breakout but now, for me, as my husband, the tingling and any sensation has stopped also...

...looks like the herpes was not allowed to do its thing with us this time! thanks to mms.

before mms, on the average, i had a hsv2 breakout about 2x a month --- sometimes 1---sometimes 3
--- but i have always, like clockwork, had a breakout during my period or right after, so it will be interesting to see what happens in 2 or so weeks when my menses comes.

i uped my dose from 5 drops 2x a day to 5 drops 3x a day rather than increasing the # of drops-- b/c i still get a little nauseas with 6 drops or over ---but i seem to be fine with 5drops 3x a day the last two days.

i also wanted to mention that i feel a bit more clear in my head (brain fog for years)and i have less headaches. much of the stiffness and aches(especially in my neck and legs) have vanished since being on mms. also, in the mornings i used to feel like i was hit by a truck when i woke up ---but now i feel like i was only hit by a bike. its pretty amazing that all this happened only since jan 1st 2008 --- that much occurred for me in about a two week time frame! i used almost every type of holistic/natural/alternative health kick out there for over 15 years, and never have i had a shift like this in such a short period of time! ...and all for 25 bucks! --- i have spent thousands and thousands.

i have never felt this impressed with a supplement in all my 15 years of being on this path!

not to say that much of what i have done did not help me alot...it really did! but not so OBVIOUSLY and QUICKLY as the mms! i also know i have a long way to go still and i have to continue with many of the things i have been using (green superfoods,vit/mineral supps./ herbs,probiotics, healthy foods/etc. etc.).

I really want to thank JIM HUMBLE. he is making me a better mother for my children.. i hope he knows how many he has touched!

well,thanks for listening


http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1086298 Posted : 01-07-2012

Herpes eye wound and brain encephalitis cured

I was suffering from herpes encephalitis infection, and also herpes wounds on the skin around my eyes.  This was going on for about a year, and nothing could help me it seemed.

Within days of using MMS the herpes around my eyes disappeared.  Within a couple of weeks the herpes encephalitis infection was gone.  I used the MMS 1000 protocol.  I started at one drop, and worked my way of to 3 drops every hour (6-8 times a day).  I would like to add that in my experience doing many small doses of MMS every day seems much more effective than a few large doses.

As you know, herpes encephalitis is a very serious condition.  I was very sick.  I tried everything conventional medicine and alternative medicine could offer. Some remedies did offer some temporary comfort, but only MMS could cure me, believe it or not!

I am now several months without any symptoms. 

I would like to thank Jim Humble for his mission and having given me my life back. Thank you.

Posted : 29-06-2012

Cold Sore that didn't appear

I had a cold sore coming on although I didn't realize it at the time b/c I was taking MMS, so my only indication was that my right nostril looked a bit red and a wee bit swollen. I finished my 21 day protocol in the meantime with no other discomfort or indicators around the nostril. The other day when I looked in the mirror I noticed what looked like fresh skin with a little bit of old skin sloughing off.....I thought "that's odd, it looks like what it does when I have had a cold sore when new skin appears after meds and 10 days of treatment." I completely believe that MMS arrested the development of that cold sore! I have had them in and around my nose on and off for about 10+ years. I know after all that time what it feels like coming on (tingling, red, then the appearance of bumps and then full blown...omg!! right?) Well, not this time. I swear MMS worked! I even went so far as to spray some on the site to speed recovery & that works too!


Posted : 29-06-2012

Herpes Simplex 1 cured!

I contracted a cold sore (herpes simplex 1) while on vacation. Luckily I packed my spray bottle and DMSO (70/30) dropper with me. I used the spray protocol and did it every day for five days 8 hours a day. I cured my self by the fifth day! I experience very little discomfort and I believed it accelerated the healing process. I have not had a recurrent outbreak since. MMS 1 Works!


Posted : 29-06-2012

Healed of Shingles

Just wanted to share our most recent healing experience with MMS.

My wife broke out with "Shingles" of all things.  Shingles comes from the Chickenpox virus as a child and lies dormant in the body until later in life when a person's immune system is weakened.  Then it breaks out.  I think they have trigger elements in our environment to cause these outbreaks; as with many viruses men have made for evil purposes of greed, manipulation and control (but that's another subject).

However, we searched the internet to make certain of what it was compared to symptoms and visible photos. We stated building her immune system up by diet and I had some homeopathic pain lotion for the pain.  Pain seemed to be horrible to my wife.  The pain was reduced and kept to a minimum with the pain lotion. We followed some natural ways of dealing with the shingles and it helped a lot.  We were getting good results and the outbreak or spread had stopped.  The listers were still full and tight visibly.  And then I remembered the stories of malaria in your book that I purchased.  I said, if MMS can kill this virus in a couple of days, surely it will work to kill this shingles virus.  So, I discussed it with my wife and she agreed to take it, instead of going to the doctor.  So, I started her a regiment of 5 drops in the morning, 5 drops in the evening and 5 drops before going to bed.  I didn't want to make it any stronger, because she hates the taste and I certainly didn't want her to be discouraged in anyway.  The blisters begin to shrink and dried up.  We knew the shingles were licked.  We went to 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops before bed.  This is shortened for time sake.  But the whole process was just a few days for the blisters to stop and dry up.  Because of what I read about the dormant nature of this virus, we decided to do the drops for a few days after all symptoms went away.

Posted : 29-06-2012

Healed from Shingles

Every now and then when I slept badly or was in a weak condition, I used to get SHINGLES.
Terrible spot the size of making a circle between my thumb and indexfinger covered in blisters and with a terrible pain.For weeks at end I would suffer from the burning sensation. Now my mother gave me 4 drops of activated MMS1 every hour for 6 times the first day. Then I became nauseous and cut back to 1 drop every hour the second day.
But then the third day the SHINGLE-spot was dried up already!!!! I am elated.
Now I use protocol (MMS)1000 to attack the rest of my diseases. Praise God. I am so happy. It truely is a miracle mineral provided by the Lord.

Megan Eyhbroel
Posted : 29-06-2012

Herpes finally gone!!!!

I have taken MMS  for 18 month at 6 drops twice per day. I do not have any mouth ulsers or herpes outbreaks anymore! I also noticed I sleep much better and breath much better.though it has not cured me of my fibromyalgia it has helped. I will try the DMSO with MMS1 very soon for several months.

My brother had a bad case of intestinal flu for a week and popped over one day, I said,"Give this MMS a try!". He took 2 drops and went straight home. He phoned me back 20 mins later saying all his discomfort had gone somehow. So he came over for some more just in case but he ever needed anymore.

Brian Adams
UK Bournemouth
United Kingdom 

http://jimhumble.biz/testimonials.html?view=display&id=127 Posted : 29-06-2012


For those of you who can't avoid getting re-infected (ornery spouse), or who have a nasty strain of herpes that regularly comes back I have found that a solution of Ca hypochlorite of 1/4 tsp per 16-20 fl oz of water used via Q-tip cotton swab onto tingling areas (signaling the potential approach of blisters) such as in or around nostrils, corner of lips, around and in eyes (stings a little but never hurt my eyes), has when used morning and evening stopped it from developing further, taken the irritation out, and caused it to subside quickly, ...esp. when an adult takes 15-20 alfalfa tablets, chews up and washes down with lemonade or grapefruit juice at same time.

This same solution makes a very effective tooth and tongue brushing solution. ...have used it for going on 2 years now. ...Not for swallowing.

Water-pik -ing using a little of the solution in the pik water does a good job of cleaning out most infections holed up in crevices. ...for stubborn infections I have found a touch of 2% iodine at base of infected tooth (hold mouth open and spit out, after a minute rinse out with water) the iodine will knock things the MMS 2 solution can't ...that is my experience. If done right it won't do anything but help clear out bad microbes.  ...these might not be the best solutions for a person with a mouth ful of amalgams... but what is.

United States 

Posted : 30-03-2015
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