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 My name is Didi    I wiuld like to share with the world this  MMS miracle  which i gave to my dog He had a bad skin disease  that left him with no hair  only raw skin  Having MMS in my cuboured  i decided to try it   Well i was blown away with the results  Within  two weeks  all his hair  had grown back  plus he has no itch , i started giving him three drops twice a day  and increased  it by one  so he has been on four drops for the second week  He has fully recovered with great health  I put the mixture in his meat  and he ate it all   We were so overwhelmed  my husband said  if it grew hair back on my dog why wouldn't  it grow my hair back  So my husband is on it now And i will keep you all informed .


Posted : 03-01-2016


I have been suffering along with the neighbor's autistic son's horribly disturbing agitation, screaming, yelling, crying, banging, stomping and noisy insomnia for 4 years .  Suddenly the child is 97% content and quiet.  I found out that they are using MMS and bought some for myself.  I am trialing it on my dog's skin condition by spraying topically and by dosing their drinking water.  I have found it to be a perfect deoderant and tonight I got some flea bites from an infested basement area  which were burning and stinging.   This went away immediately after spraying with the 40 gtts / 4 ounces solution. WOW i am going to start oral dosing myself tomorrow.

heather guidi
bocas del toro
Bocas del Toro

Posted : 11-05-2017


Hi Jim, I have been using MMS as a for full worming regime for my dogs for about four years with complete success.

Keep up the good work.

Ross Allan




Ross Allan
Struck Oil

under construction Posted : 08-11-2016

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