This testimonial is about how MMS cured my pet goat of a large facial abcess/cyst that a vet couldn't fix without operating. This golfball sized cyst/abcess (the vet wasn't sure what it was) had come up suddenly and felt as hard as bone and his whole jaw on that side was swollen - the vet said there was infection and he had a fever. The vet said if it wasn't gone by the end of antibiotic injection course they would have to operate. I was really worried after the end of the antibiotics that the swelling came back after initially shrinking a small amount. The lump came back very fast so the goat was obviously not cured. In a last ditch effort for him not to have to have surgery I put 3 drops of MMS (HCL 4% mixed with 28% soduim chlorite) onto some bread and gave it to him to eat - that was in the evening around 7pm. The next morning - the golfball was almost completely GONE. It was only the size of a small marble. I gave him more of the medicine bread - same drop numbers - that morning and evening and by the 3rd day it was totally GONE. I am amazed - it must've dissolved something that was so hard - that felt just like bone - and his whole energy was improved too. It hasn't come back and this was 3 weeks ago. Amazing. And I didn't even have a "pure delivery system" - just put it onto bread. Wow!!!! I really hope this helps another person and their pet.

New Zealand 

Posted : 11-01-2018

wound stage #1

My wife has developed a wound red yellow, 1cms by 3cms on inguinal area with sharp pain. i used a patch using 10 drops MMS, 10 drops DMSO and 20 drops distilled water, placed the patch on wound for 15 minutes and discard it, done it faithfully twice a day for 10 days, new skin grew back and pain gone. completly healed, Jim and Mark,May God reward you. Christian Hamidani RN, Chicago

christian hamidani RN
United States 

Posted : 16-09-2017

Root abscess cured in 36 hours

I bought MMS from an approved supplier and it arrived to me Friday August 5, 2016.  I brushed my abscess as Jim demonstrated in his YouTube video using sodium chlorite, citric acid, and DMSO.  I did my first treatment Friday evening before bed.  Saturday morning the infection had cleared and the puss drained out.  I did 4 more treatments on saturday using the same procudure.  I can report that as of now, 10 am Sunday morning, the abscess has cleared and the pain is gone.  The tooth is firm and has stopped wiggling.  As a side benefit, my whole mouth has started to heal and feel better.  My gums are heavily recessed and I can see them growing back, almost hourly.  MMS does what has been stated by Jim and others.  It works.  Thank you everyone that brought this product out for the world to use.

Mike Tarnowycz

Posted : 07-08-2016

Seems to cure anything

I bought MMS on a whim. I buy a lot of products that all seem to work pretty well, such as, clays, parasite cleanses, etc. But MMS seems to cure anything. I had this sitting on my shelf when a terrible abcess/tooth pain occured. I tried many things. Cloves, tea packets, iodine, pain killers - but I couldn't shake it. I was completely couch ridden and in horrible pain. My husband said that I needed a root canal because the infection was obviously deep. I told him I'd rather get my tooth pulled and I have to say that I love my teeth. I really take great care of them.

Anyway, I remembered reading a testimonial from someone who had taken MMS for an abcess. I quickly looked up the protocol and did several drops with DMSO on a toothbrush. The pain started to subside almost immediately.  I did another dose at night and just one more the next morning.  Pain gone. I have gone to the dentist several times since and begrudgingly had him do an xray to look for infection and it's was all clear.

The week of the tooth ache after the pain subsided I decided to take a little internally as well as a precaution. Only 3 drops 3 times a day. A pain that I had been experiencing in my kidney increased then stopped completely after several days. I have since taken MMS periodically when I have a cold or strange pain. I don't take it on going as directed but keep it very handy. 

I did experience a relapse about a year later so realized that maybe I had needed to stay on the internal usage longer. So I went for two weeks and so far so good. There must have been lingering bacteria deep in the tissues. So my only suggestion would be to continue usage for several days or weeks after your cure or pain subsidence insure that the problem is completely healed.

Recently as I was reading Andreas Moritz book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, I was so pleasantly surprised to see that he had recommended it and actually sold it for some time. Between him and Andreas Kalcker, it's hard not to believe in this solution. The science behind it seems so reasonable. I watched Kerri Rivera's Autism One video and she goes into the chemistry behind MMS. It seems very plausible and I am one to trust how I feel. It makes me feel well. The same reason I take anything because I base the results and usage on how I feel. 

Oxidation does worry me a little and I take MMS in the day and antioxidants in the evening when I do take it. I have a love of Curcumin, green tea, COQ10, iodine, Vitamin D, fish oils and magnesium. I usually use Life Extension products because I trust their research. I hope this helps someone. I have never given this to my children but I wouldn't hesitate to do so. I can get them to take Collodial Silver so we stick with that for their minor colds.

I am awed by the amazing people who have given their lives to find natural and alternative cures.



United States 

Posted : 06-04-2016

Root Canal / Abcess

Hi all,

I was very sceptical when I discovered my 20 something sons talking about MMS, I ranted at them and told them they were mad for buying stuff from the internet.

Anyway wind forward a year or two and I decided to get my teeth done in Hungary, budapest. This was in 2007 and business was doing great so I treated myself, little did I know that the biggest recession in the world was about to hit everyone.

6 weeks after coming home to the UK with my shiny new teeth, the bottom dropped out of my business and I almost went under, on top of all this I had started to get an inflamation in my mouth and it wasnt long before I had a full blown abcess forming, Now I couldnt afford to fly back to Budapest and in desperation I asked my son if he had any of this so called miracle solution stuff, he did.

I started with 5 drops of MMS and 50 of activator ( I used real lemon juice ) the smell was awful, but I drank it and exactly as the video said I was a bit drousy and after an hour I threw up. Sorry to be so graphic, but what came out of my stomach was nothing that I had eaten, it was a black mess inside a clear sort of musuc. disgusting I know but I thought it important because I had obviously had some sort of major detox.

Back to the reason I took the MMS in the first place, my abcess, I also rinsed my mouth with a stronger solution for 2 days when while sucking on the tooth that was hurting me the abcess burst and the contents were quickly spat into a clean sink, the abcess cleared up and I have had no further trouble, I am sure that the dead nerve has been expelled, if it wasnt the abcess would come back.

I use the MMS every now and again to make sure there is nothing nasty in my mouth and it seems to be keeping my new teeth very healthy, I say new, I have had them for seven years now.

United Kingdom 

Posted : 24-03-2015


dentist gave prescription





United States 

Posted : 03-11-2016

Archbishop Jim Humble

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